Private Health Care - Is This Story For Real?

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Private Health Care - Is This Story For Real?

I came across this story about private health care in Canada and since it's Canwest, I call bullshit:

One of the largest private health corporations in Canada (Interhealth Canada) has pioneered private-sector health care abroad. It has been involved in recruiting Canadian health workers to leave Canada. Its founding CEO is a [b]former NDP provincial cabinet minister[/b] and founding shareholders included [b]several NDP governments[/b], as well as the [b]largest provincial nursing association[/b] in Canada.

Does anyone have any insight on this matter or Interhealth Canada in general?

Sean in Ottawa

Consider the source. The opening post should have included the fact that the article is an OP-ED written by Brian Day.

The CEO is George W. Commander. I have never heard of him. Anyone recognize him as an NDP cabinet minister? I can't find any references to him so am suspicious that he may not be and am certainly not trusting Day to tell the truth based on his record...


I believe he was referring  to some unnamed person from 1994 when Interhealth came into existence.  Commander only got his job recently.


The NDP cabinet minister in question is Wilson Parasiuk. He served as Minister of Health in Manitoba in the late 80's.

Sean in Ottawa

Then does this make him "Its founding CEO"

"Parasiuk has remained active in health-care policy research in Canada, having been a Director of Interhealth Canada Ltd. from 1994 to 2002 and Chairman of Interhealth Canada (China) Inc. from 1995 to 2003 and Chairman of the Beijing Toronto International Hospital Co-operative Joint Venture from 1996 to 2001, the first-ever private healthcare facility in Beijing, China, for which Parasiuk was instrumental in obtaining senior government approval. This project has never been completed due in large part to funding problems brought on by the East Asian financial crisis of the mid to late 1990s."

Sounds like he worked for them among others. Being a Director does not make you THE founding CEO.

Not that I accept the assumption that the NDP must endorse what its members did after they left any more than the NDP must endorse what Bob Rae has to say today.

But it would appear that this article is spinning stories with half-truths and exaggerations but as soon as I saw the opening post that was what I expected.


I don't know if it makes him the Founding CEO overall. It sounds like he could have been the founding CEO for one or more of the Interhealth companies.


Also, it's an article about healthcare in Canada. I've rarely read one that isn't full of half-truths, exaggerations, or hyperbole, on either side.


I think this may belong here

That's when the House of Commons standing committee on health will meet to discuss Prigent's appointment, which was announced on Oct. 5.

The issue was brought to the attention of the committee by NDP health critic Judy Wasylecia-Leis, who raised it in question period.

"Dr. Prigent brings extensive pharmaceutical research industry experience to CIHR's governing council," Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said in a news release announcing Prigent's appointment.

"His understanding of research and development partnerships will be a valuable asset."

The publicly funded CIHR gives grants to researcher across the country working in various fields of health and medicine. Its governing council consists mainly of scientists, medical practitioners and health administrators drawn from Canadian universities.

Wasylecia-Leis told CBC News Friday that she has been granted seven minutes on Monday to discuss what she sees as a serious conflict of interest.


Well along with Dr Day just another con hack put into a seat of authority. Mostly to push drugs and privatize. Some of you think the libs are worse than the cons? Holy shit harper has more cons being put into position in 4 years than JC and martin did libs in 14. Disgusting, how are these assholes still so high in the polls? Yeah I know libs had many of the same agenda people, but not everyone was a far right appointment. We at least got a land mine treaty from axworthy. Can anyone ame one thing positive from the cons in a minority?

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Hmmm, wonder if that is why they put someone in the Health Ministry that is a bit naive as to the politics of the world?