The Problem With Charity

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The Problem With Charity
Sean in Ottawa

This is a good article and raises some important points but not all. another issue with charity is that it is capitalistic in terms of competition just like business, It is not based on need, as public programs ought to be but on marketing. The inefficiency is that many put huge amounts of efforts selling themselves rather than using the donations to fund programs. this has increasesed as individual egos have given rise to duplications where charities essentially performing the same work burn resources to compete with each other.

Worse, the funded charities will be needy but often the ones with the poster needy: people will want to feed kids but not adults broken down by mental illness and addictions. The starving baby is a better picture than her starving grat grandmother even if the great grandmother has less charitable support.

When donating -- please consider the less marketable, less-funded needs.