A ProRogue government, now what?

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V. Jara
A ProRogue government, now what?

Well it's going to be over a month until Parliament reconvenes and the media is talking about the oncoming PR offensive. This made me think that it is time to talk about a progressive response to the decision to ProRogue.

I think two issues need to be decided: First, what issues should progressives focus on in the 40-some day break. Second, what is the most practical means of action.

With regards to issue #1, I am mildly inclined to put the focus on democratic reform

With regards to issue #2, I think it will be very difficult to get people's attention over the holiday break and thus it will be necessary to wage a primarily ground based campaign. As a progressive, I would prefer a campaign based on popular education techniques and community discussion. There should be a communication within our communities about the issues at stake and why there are better options. This process does not need to be tied to political parties, and in fact I would prefer if it was not, as this frees up progressives to push for a broader agenda. The parties will almost certainly have their one reactive and counter-reactive air wars, we can focus on things closer to home.


I fear that the prorogation has levied the death knell on any coalition hopes.

The obvious impediment to the coalition is Stephane Dion.  People simply cannot stand him, and his lousy attempt at defending the coalition, last night, was no help.  The decision taken by the parties to the coalition to allow Dion to lead it will go down as the killer blow.


Blame that decision on the Liberals, particularly Iggy and his people.  Does that boost Rae in the leadership race?:


"I’m guessing that Bob Rae has strengthened his hand in the Liberal leadership race. By speaking out so strongly against Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the past week, Rae has stood in sharp contrast to his main rival, Michael Ignatieff, who went AWOL during the recent constitutional crisis.

Rae has called Harper a liar. “His speech last night was positively Nixonian,” Rae told CBC Radio.

Ignatieff, on the other hand, was reported not to be interested in a cabinet position in a coalition government.

He also described the proposed coalition government as a "poisoned chalice", according to the National Post, whereas many Liberals and New Democrats saw the coalition as an appropriate political solution for getting rid of a dangerous demagogue

Liberals will respond positively to Rae's more vigorous opposition to Harper, but so will other Canadians who loathe the prime minister for playing the national-unity card to save his political hide.

That could result in a lot of people taking out Liberal memberships so they can support Rae at a leadership convention next May."



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I don't think that proroguation necessarily means the end of the coalition. 

I think Dion should step down and the libs should pick a new leader during the break.  If Harper steps down and a new leader is chosen, I don't think the coalition will happen.  If Harper doesn't step down, then I think the cons will lose the confidence vote and the gg will give the coalition a shot.

The proroguation is a gift to the liberals and the cons.  They should both use it to get a new leader.  It's definitely a blow to the ndp which is the only party (of the 3) with a decent leader.  It doesn't need the time to regroup and the coalition may lose some steam in the next month(s). 


We must study Stephen Harper.  I have been reading works by Shadia Drury which analyze the man as a follower of Leo Strauss.  Or rather she analyses Leo Strauss, who believed people should be lied to and kept in the dark by those who were more able to lead.  Please everyone look into this.


I know she had a tough call but she set a very bad precedent.

There was no need at all for this. The only reason is is because Harper knew his days were numbered, nothing else.

The opposition other than the block will be finished now for many many
years. Harper will get them. The GG has inadvertently created one hell
of a monster and the opposition has not seen anything yet.

If they bring Harper down in January, we will go to the polls, Harper will
get a majority (even though he will lose Quebec seats) and totally
destroy the opposition, everything in Flaherty's plan and more (for
good measure) will be added and we will have a one party state outside
of Quebec for many years with Harper and his band of misfits running
and ruining the country.

I really do not know if the Liberals
will ever recover from this, the NDP should be ok and not hurt as bad
but the libs are going to be finished I think.

I am not surprised as she let Harper break his own election law by having last
election. Plus she is good friends with Harper's wife. I wonder if the
GG really knows how a parliamentary system works?

Today was a very very very bad day for Canada.


I don't see why we need yet another thread on this.  There's already a perfectly good thread where we can discuss predictions.  There's another perfectly good thread where we can post our opinions on what should happen.

Please, please, please, look for other threads before starting new ones.  Thank-you.

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