Pukeworthy propaganda

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Pukeworthy propaganda

I've just seen the TV commercial for this for the second time tonight.

Clearly there's an election in the works. 
Just as clearly, the Conservatives are delighted to spend massive amounts of public funds on their campaign propaganda, before the election is actually called.


They've also put the "Just Visiting" ads back into rotation.  I saw one just before the CTV National News I think tonight.


Harper's Republican-style ruthlessness is truly disgusting.  This is one of the reasons why the Cons must be defeated.   It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it.


Maxx, Canadians will need more than "we don't like how they run the other guy into the guy" to be happy about an election. So are you suggesting in this line of reasoning, "it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it", that only the liberals can play as dirty as the cons?

It thus re-enforces this meme that both the Bloc and the NDP are using: For the Bloc

Two Parties, One Vision, claiming neither is looking out for Quebec. "We're talking about two parties who are trying to show themselves to be different, but when you look at the positions they've taken, one is saying the exact same thing as the other."

For the NDP:

"we can do better than Liberal or Conservative."

Considering that the liberals have been on the same page as the cons on the direction of country, and how Harper and Iggy's leader profiles are both negative, why would Canadians get rid of one guy to essentially have the "same" under the libs.

Sorry you don't like those republican attack ads, and your guy being targeted. But going back, the libs also liked to play dirty politics, so the old saying goes, what goes around, comes around. Toughen up buttercup.

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ottawaobserver wrote:

They've also put the "Just Visiting" ads back into rotation.  I saw one just before the CTV National News I think tonight.

Yep, saw that too. But at least the fascist fucks pay for that one themselves.


Anyway Maxx, considering reading this article on babble, in why "Even worse than Harper" is worthy of consideration.

  • Take the tar sands
  • corporate trade deals (at the expense of Canadian jobs and environment, and HUMAN RIGHTS)
  • proponent of indefinite detention of suspects, coercive interrogations, targeted assasinations, even pre-emptive war."


Bottom line:

Iggy is for even more tar sands expansion, pre-emptive wars, indefinite detentions and corporate trade deals at the expense of human rights [and Canadian jobs and environment].


Uncle John

Iggy ran an ad about how he could do it better, and came off like he was more sophisticated than everyone else.

The Tories had those ads in the cans anyway, and they seem to go well with Iggy's new ad. "Here is a sophisticated guy, who is from somewhere else".

Keep calling the Conservatives fascists, but don't be surprised if they get a majority because of it. The same approach did not work for "I like" Mike Harris in Ontario, and it won't work for Stephen Harper. Try focusing on the strengths of your own party, and the reasons why we should vote for them. And better reasons than "The other guys are fascists", which means you lose Godwin's Law.

You can't bitch about the party you don't like getting public funds if you think your own party should get public funds. If the Conservatives had their way, none of the parties would be getting public funds. As we know.

The Left has to make a choice. A strong NDP to advocate for the People, or a Liberal Government, which will be Tory Lite. You can't have both, as you don't have the numbers.


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What the fuck are you doing here?

...beyond supporting Harper's fascism and misunderstanding Godwin, that is.


I'm for a strong NDP who advocates and creates thoughtful policy for Canadians and the environment, and in power. To me John, you've created false choice. Take note, that in the last election, it was the NDP who took seats from the conservatives. The less the cons get, the better for Canadians.


A "strong NDP" that advocates to whom?  To a majority Conservative government?   What would be the point of such advocacy?


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Under Iggy, I'm just as afraid of a majority Liberal government as a Conservative one. Where are the progressive voices in today's Liberal party? I'm sure you think you can name names, but I still never ever hear from them.

...that said, the Liberals are somewhat off-topic here.