Reject the election. Don’t mark your ballot!

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Fidel wrote:

So you're saying we should lie down for the corrupt stoogeaucracy on May 2nd, and stay home? No thanks.

I'll be casting a protest vote against the bastards by voting NDP. I will consider it my duty to do so as an anti-imperialist. Wink


I couldn't say it better myself.

I'm not going to take part in the Tory game plan....I'm not going to submit willingly ,bend over and hand him the keys to the country.

I'm going to make an effort.

I wish everyone else would do the same....But there are too many who feel that getting behind a keyboard and rifling off some angry letters or posting comments in a social media site is the progressive thing to do and this will somehow change the world.

That's their prerogative...Unfortunately,there's no purple kool aid in my fridge for me to drink to join them.



actually i realize my ranting and bitterness is pointless, i come here out of habit and everyone can ignore me as they wish..i dont care, i dont care about anything, not even my own post...i guess that makes me a troll. ta ta.

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politicalnick wrote:


I think I have only read 1 post here where someone stated they were not going to vote. Trying to scare people with this fear-mongering is not a productive way to get more people involved.

I never said I would not. I will assess all the candidates and then make a decision to vote for 1 or not vote at all but it will be an informed decision, not a lazy or apathetic one.

If I do or do not vote will not affect my active participation in the process for the rest of the 4-5 years the new government has power.

I would encourage everyone to be involved in the election process and make an informed choice and hopefully vote for someone. A large voter turnout will at least make it clear that we are all paying attention.

I am not for Harper or his policies but if he did get a majority there may be one good ting rise from it. Once he has negatively affected the lives of everyone but his rich, elitist friends we may get a full scale rebellion to make real positive changes to our system of government and our country.




 Clearly you haven't been reading all the posts.

As for 'fear mongering' you're confusing me for Stephen Harper.

Give King Stephen his majority so they'll be a rebellion?

Don't count on it.

And if this ideologue gets his precious majority,the damage will be irreparable.


Now you're talking my language.  You see, it's not as pointless as some would suggest.Smile


SlumberJ, you should reflect on your pro stoogeaucracy comments in the Yemen thread, then get back to us. You abandoned us after some jaw-dropping apologia for the vicious toadies there, but I imagine it's a thread you'd rather forget. he he NOW we know why he doesn't want anyone voting NDP! Laughing


Fidel wrote:
I'll bet they spend zero time on Liberal-Tory friendly discussion forums discouraging them from voting.

Right-wingers are definitely not contemplating committing political suicide by not voting:

Free Dominion - The Voice of Principled Conservatives

Although there does seem to be a lot of grumbling about the Conservatives.

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I think there in lies the POINT.

Among apathetic voters,it's a HUGE majority of people who generally lean to the left and,apparently from the results of this thread,alot of self proclaimed progressives.

Conservatives ALWAYS make it to the ballot boxes...Even if they are not enamoured with the Conservative party of the day.

And there you have it,folks...This is why we have the governments and policies we've had for the past 25 years or so.

And by remaining proudly apathetic,you elect these governments and legitimize their policies.



 And in this thread there seems to be great CONSERn that people will vote NDP. lol

wage zombie

Are you tired of the rigged system known as your stomach?  Don't be fooled again!  No matter what we eat we always end up hungry after a while.  Grains, vegetables, fruit, even meat, milk or eggs--ultimately it's all unsatisfying.  No matter we choose to eat, ultimately our stomach exerts control over us to keep eating.

I say enough is enough.  In order to register my dissatisfaction with my current digestive system, I refuse to eat.  When I feel hungry I will simply stare at an empty bowl.  If you want a digestive system that won't keep exerting constant pressure over you to eat food that will ultimately never change anything, just refuse to eat.

Don't tell me I'm not taking care of myself.  I bathe, I get proper amounts of sleep, I wear warm clothes when I go outside.  There are plenty of ways to take care of yourself that don't involve eating.  The fact that some of us are not going to eat doesn't mean we can't take care of ourselves in other ways.

Remember, eating doesn't change anything.

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Ok, closing for length. If you want to start another one, please keep in mind that some people who advocate, or even just tolerate, not voting, are not trying to blow up democracy or the free world. Tx.


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