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hsfreethinkers wrote:
Well, if I have any more questions on the original topic I will just contact Mark and John privately. We should have been able to have this discussion here.


Perhaps you could have, had  John O not conducted himself the way he did right from the get go at post #3 and then fabricated the story that the Green Party was only 10 years old...


It seemed there was a meme started, that was to be followed and if it wasn't, as it now seems, you all were  going to try and falsely play the victims.


get it a rest....



How people in the same thread can deride the GP for not winning seats under FPTP and then claim to be the original supporters of proportional representation is beyond me.

 the NDP is the original victim of our dysfucntional process
No, the voters are the original victim of FPTP. Voters from ALL parties. Until that basic fact is recognized - that voters come first, not the NDP or any other party or politician or riding, comments like that display a profound, party centric, anti-democratic streak. And as usual, it begs the question, why has no provincial NDP party EVER fixed the problem? Or even attempted to fix the problem? These kind of lectures are condescending. Talk about trying to play people as "rubes". 

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OK, everyone go to your rooms for a time out.


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