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Hello Fellow Babblers. It has been a while. The last time I was on here I was in a friendly way bashing the NDP. Of course many of you know I am a Liberal supporter. Tonight I come in here to show my sincere respect for the NDP and their leader Jack Layton. And folks I am being honest here. As many Canadians are I am currently unemployed here  in Toronto. Working off and on for the last 5 years. And now with the current economic troubles am finding it much more difficult to find work. Anywho! I am writing this because the 3 opposition parties have decided to put their differences aside to work together to form a coalition government so that the 62% that voted the opposition can start the task of pumping some energy into the economy and create jobs, save our auto industry. I would also like to show some respect to Gilles Duiceppe. He is putting aside his personal beliefs to work with the Liberals and NDP in the coalition. This is something the Harper is not showing to the Canadian people. He has done nothing but mislead, flip flop and lie to the Canadian people. And we all don't want that for a leader. Harper stated after the the election that he will work with the opposition. He has done the complete opposite, and has lost the confidence of the house and he is trying to run away from it. He is afraid. Is this what a true leader would do? I don't think so! So I hope he does the right thing and lets the coalition form government.

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THANKS liberator

Our kids live together and play together in their communities, let's have them learn together too!

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I think Liberaler is sincere - though highly partisan - and as such I believe he is due a little respect himself.

So allow me to say thanks, Liberaler. I hope we can work together, and that it works for all Canadians. 


Shakes hands with Liberaler.

..... excuse me while I count my fingers.....Wink

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I will do a little
speculation here. Harper got 37% of the vote last time around. The
remaining parties had 62%. Harper did not get the hoped for majority
out of Quebec last time. He has elected to throw Quebec under the
wheels of the bus and is looking to solidify the base vote in the West.
If an election is held any time soon, the polarizing nature of this
crisis will probably result in yet another minority. If that is the
case, the ice has been broken regarding a coalition. Harper is toast
and he knows it...


Saving the country from wrathful demagogues makes strange bedfellows. So cheers, Liberaler.


It feels dirty, but that's hot. Hooray political ménage a trois! Laughing


Nice to see you, Liberaler.  But there is already a thread open where you can post your opinions about the coalition.  Let's take this there.

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