Robin Hood Tax

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Robin Hood Tax


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KAIROS is suggesting "A tiny tax on financial activities that would raise billions for fighting climate change and poverty at home and abroad."

Robin Hood Tax FAQ:


A 'Financial Transactions Tax' Could Fund Climate and Poverty Goals

A Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) is a tiny tax on financial market transactions including equity, bond, derivative and foreign exchange trades.

A growing number of politicians, civil society organizations, and economists advocate a global FTT as the best way to fund programs to fight world poverty and pay for developing countries’ climate adaptation and mitigation measures.

This is the first I've heard of this. Anyone out there familiar with the Robin Hood Tax?

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This idea has been around for a while; here's an interesting Wall St Journal article that says it's been floated since the 1970s.

The usual suspects are against it:

A spokeswoman for Republican House leader John Boehner of Ohio criticized the idea. "How is killing more American jobs by stifling capital investment, further eroding families' savings and diverting much-needed investment out of the United States a good idea during a severe economic downturn?" said the spokeswoman, Antonia Ferrier.

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Thanks. I grew up watching "Robin Hood" on TV in the 1950s. LOL!

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Apparently Canada is one of the countries trying to block this as they set the agenda for the G8 and G20 meetings.  Most European countries are onboard.


As It Happens had a long interview with a pro-Robin Hood Brit a while back. 

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It's said it will also help protect for those derivative type schemes that caused the crisis.  Opposition to this just proves no interest in protecting us from the frauds.