Rona Ambrose and I as political allies?

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Rona Ambrose and I as political allies?


I never thought the day would come when Rona Ambrose and I would be political allies . But we may be just that with her in her new role as opposition leader. It is her turn to raise the hard issues and ask the right questions:

‘“There is a huge void when it comes to talking about the role of the private sector,” Conservative Interim Leader Rona Ambrose told reporters after Governor General David Johnston delivered the Speech from the Throne.’

 So why was there no mention of the TPP in the throne speech when it is the single most important issue presently facing the country goes unmentioned?  Then too, why wasn’t it a major election issue?

 We know where Stephen Harper stood on it, so too was Tom Mulcair decisive in letting us know he would tear it up.

The Liberal silence on this issue is deafening.

Could it be they want to keep it off the public’s radar?

Could it be they don’t want the chorus of opposition to it that is abundant in the US to leak across the border and sabotage a quick, easy, and duplicitous ratification?