So what are we learning about Conservatives?

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So what are we learning about Conservatives?

So, what further insights have people gained into the Conservatives, their agenda and tactics, as they flail and grasp in futility for a morsel of positive media spin?

From Harper's chief of staff, script lines for the neocon sheep to bleat to
the media:


  • *We're not even two months removed from the last election, and a group
    of backroom politicians are going to pick who the Prime Minister is. Canadians
    didn't vote for this person. We don't even know who this person will be
  • *Not a single voter voted for a Liberal-NDP coalition. Certainly not a
    single voter voted for the Liberals to form a coalition with the separatists
    in the Bloc
  • *This is what bothers me the most. The Conservatives won the election.
    The Opposition keeps saying that the Conservatives have to respect the will of
    the voters that this is a minority and so on.
  • *…how about Liberals, NDP and Bloc respecting the will of the voters
    when they said "YOU LOSE
  • *And what's this going to do to the economy. I'm sorry, I don't care
    how desperate the Liberals are — giving socialists (Jack Layton) and
    separatists (Gilles Duceppe) a veto over every decision in government — that
    is a recipe for total economic disaster.
  • *But how more phony could these guys be?
  • *I mean, I follow the news, virtually every single day you have Harper
    or Flaherty out there telegraphing exactly what they plan to do with the
    economy. And not once did you hear the Liberals, NDP or separatists talking
    about toppling the government in response.
  • *No — do you know what set this off. When Flaherty said he was going to
    take taxpayer-funded subsidies away from the opposition. Now there is a reason
    to try and overturn an election— because the Conservatives the audacity to say
    "Hey, it's a recession, maybe you should take your nose out of the trough."
  • *And I wish the media would be more clear on this point — the
    opposition aren't being singled out by this fact the Conservatives stand to
    lose the most money of all. The only difference is that Canadians are
    voluntarily giving money the Conservatives, so they don't need taxpayer
    handouts. The only reason the opposition would be hurt more is because nobody
    wants to donate to them. They should be putting their efforts towards fixing
    that problem.
  • *I don't want another election. But what I want even less is a surprise
    backroom Prime Minister whom I never even had the opportunity to vote for or
    against. What an insult to democracy.

-the Conservatives don't understand the Canadian system

-the Cons don't understand (or more likely, they just don't give a fucking
shit) how private funding alone for parties would further disadvantage the
disadvantaged, ie, take away resources from those who speak for the less

-they forget that only 22% of the electorate cast a ballot for this party in
the last election, and deny that a coalition would affirm that the current system of representation still has some democratic merits to it.