Something not about war

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Something not about war

Well I was watching the news at noon and they said the cons are putting TAX CUTS into the budget. You have got to be kidding me, the exact thing that got us into this mess and they want to cut their own funding even more. The "destroy all government" mentality is truly repulsive. To top it off Flaherty had to have a talk with the banks yesterday about them NOT lending out money despite the fact we gave them 25 Billion. 

Can we have an election and get rid of these guys!

[url=]Tax cuts[url]

"We need to take some steps in the short term to provide stimulus in
the economy, but we also have to, during this time of economic
turbulence, take steps to build capacity in the economy so we come out
of the slowness in a position of strength," said Flaherty.

"This is very important. And tax reductions are one way of
encouraging investment, leaving more money in people's pockets so that
they spend it, so that they help strengthen the economy."


The banks say their lending has remained robust even as financial markets and the economy have deteriorated.

But Catherine Swift, head of the Canadian Federation of Independent
Business, said Monday that "there's no question that it's tightening."

She said a CFIB survey of its small-business members found 28 per
cent worried about access to credit in December, up from 18 per cent in
September and 13 per cent in December 2007.


Can't stand Nancy H Anthony...Did she have chemo therapy as her hair is really really short?