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Sean in Ottawa

I did make the call to Davies' office to offer best wishes and support for her position in the party.

I think while people here wish to support her, it is important to recognize that she is committed to the NDP and does not want to split the party on any debate. I suspect some here claiming to support her do not take that view.

Additionally, if the NDP is the most progressive of elected or electable parties, I find it incredible that people who call themselves progressive would call for the defeat of NDP sitting members, by those of less progressive parties, even while claiming to support other NDP members.

That is not to say that short of calling for defeat of NDP candidates we should not be vocal about any topic we choose including criticism of individuals and policies. However, it is interesting to see the mix and sudden alliance between those who hate the party and offer it no support and those who through their conscience are criticizing something they essential support from within with the objective of making it better and keeping it honest.

As for the position on Israel, any middle ground position is difficult to take and defend as the field is for the most part controlled by the extremes. Unfortunately for Israel, its own actions are mostly to blame for this. The pressing of a people into misery will polarize the debate over any solutions or political alternatives. For many of those New Democrats with long standing sympathy for the people of Israel, they find themselves with no alternative but to stand with the Palestinians, even as that result serves the purpose of extremists on the other side. Even a substantial minority of Israelis seem to be aware of this but are powerless to direct their country back to the realm of reason. It does come down to a lack of respect for individual rights whether we are talking about the collective punishment of blockade and occupation or the more local collective punishment of the demolition of homes and apartments. I admit I feel sorry for Israelis who have watched their country go from defending what they were, to becoming what they hate at the same time as I watch with incredible sadness the situation of the Palestinians for whom I feel unspeakably sorry.

Since I am also a strong supporter of the concept of the UN, I cannot help but consider the failure to establish a peace-keeping zone in what is instead occupied land a tragedy. I also believe it was a critical tactical error for Israel who lives with an unmanaged conflict that might have been resolved with UN support, and development had there been no occupation but peace-keeping forces there. Of course if the UN had really served its purpose either a two state solution would have been created back at the start or the new state would have been one that truly reflected the people living there. I often stay silent on this topic not because I don't care about it but because it is such a multi-leveled failure of some institutions I care about. Interestingly I am drawn back to the same conclusion I have always had which is that Israel can never be safe and functional without a safe and functional Palestinian state. The only alternative to that, other then endless conflict, is what Israelis don't want to accept and that is a completely non-religious state that offers all citizens the same rights and hope.

No doubt what I have written will anger more than it will encourage and that  is why I try to stay away from these debates.




I agree that it's completely moronic to compare what Libby said to what Helen Thomas said.  Helen Thomas said that Israeli Jews should go back to where they came from, like Poland and Germany.  Libby said nothing of the kind.

The fact that the right-wing media and assholes like Harper are comparing her to Helen Thomas shows what kind of smear machine is out there for anyone who speaks up in defence of Palestinians.


6079_Smith_W wrote:

....I think the fact that she is still in the house and in the party is much more significant than anything that came out of anyone's mouth. A lot of that is stuff that people think they need to be SEEN saying.

I believe this to be the case as well.  CTV Newsnet is running a story this morning saying that Layton is sticking by her, and refusing calls for her resignation.

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George Victor wrote:
That would not only present the riding with a representative of moral purity (and your own credentials are immaculate) but it would relieve  the strain here on NDP babblers whose morale is diminished by your moral attack.

Yeah, comrades can become sensitive to attack.

George, if you are unable to deal with criticisms of the NDP without responding with personal attacks, you'll be taking a break. You are not allowed to retaliate like that. Consider this a warning.

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And with that, I'm closing for length. Please start another thread!


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