Stephen Harper’s temper tantrum serves to alienate more Quebecers

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Stephen Harper’s temper tantrum serves to alienate more Quebecers



He not only hired a communications director who does not speak both of Canada's two official languages but, from his actions at the pre-Parliamentary Conservative caucus last week, he has also dropped a hallmark appeal to Québecers.

Only a week earlier, his former communications director, the pit bull Dimitri Soudas, excoriated Hélène Buzzetti, a Le Devoir Parliament Hill journalist, for the temerity of claiming Harper's press office no longer has bilingual press attaches.

Soudas said Andrew MacDougall, now associate communications director, speaks French and English, and mentioned a francophone in the office.

Soudas also pointed out, in a steaming letter to Buzzetti he circulated throughout the Parliamentary Press Gallery, that Harper, no matter where he is, in the entire world, has always for the past few years opened every statement and speech with remarks in French.

But Harper didn't do that at the caucus meeting last week.

His first full sentence to the crowd, aside from a perfunctory merci beaucoup chers amis, when he started, was in English.

"It's good to see all of you," he said. "I know you've all been busy over the summer, as have I."

Which is all well and fine, we're sure he had a nice summer.

But it does seem a shame to risk 144 years of shared history just because of a temper tantrum.