Stephen Harper will address Conservative caucus on Thursday

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Stephen Harper will address Conservative caucus on Thursday

Outgoing prime minister expected to accept blame for election defeat, leave post-mortem to others

Nov 02, 2015


When Conservatives meet this Thursday for the first time since losing the election, outgoing leader Stephen Harper will be the first to address them, CBC News has learned.

This will happen during the first caucus session that will include both elected MPs and those who were defeated.

Harper will accept the blame for the party's loss, but he will leave the full post-mortem of what went wrong to a committee struck by party on Oct. 20, Conservative sources have told CBC News.

Party president John Walsh has asked Dustin van Vugt, the Conservative Party's executive director, to initiate a transparent process to review the 2015 campaign in more depth.

After Harper speaks, members of caucus will have a chance to air their grievances and talk about what went right during the three-month election campaign, according to the sources.


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