Strategies to fight for the coaltion

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Adam T
Strategies to fight for the coaltion

I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a thread on this, or maybe I missed it.

We need practical ideas to combat the Conservative machine beyond rallies.

 I'd like to get the ball rolling with this one (which takes from a post I made on another thread), but it also adds to it.

We need to encourage psychologists and psychiatrists to go on the media (radio talk shows/tv news) to discuss the question: "Is Stephen Harper a psychopath?"  Even if they say no, merely having it brought up is a win.

 The reason for this strategy is this:

The polls I've seen show support for the coaltion at around 40% and support for the Conservatives at around 35%, meaning the Conservatives are holding their base from the last election while the coalition members aren't.

 To be sure, there are several reasons for this, one of the main is that some supporters of the parties in the coalition (NDP and Liberals) and supporting the coaltion (Bloc) don't support their party joining in with the others.  I think that is likely especially true of Bloc members.

However, many of the others, are what I call the 'wushy middle'.  The talking point for these people is "now that Harper has backed off of the budget, shouldn't he be given one more chance?"

 I'm not a psychologist, but I've read enough to know that psycopaths like Stephen Harper feed off of people like that.  They promise to change their behaviour when caught and then once attention has moved on, they go back to their old ways.

The answer to them is "Stephen Harper has already been given tons of chances to behave like a decent person and he's shown that he doesn't know how to.  He can't because he is a psychopath."

Let's get this discussed in the media and the 'wushy middle' will stiffen their resolve in  wanting to see Harper gone from power.

The best way to push for this is to just phone the local talk radio stations and say something like "Harper shouldn't be Prime Minister because he is a psychopath."  The more people that do that, the more likely the radio show will book a psychologist to discuss Mr Harper's personality. 




Adam T

Here is a website that analyizes Stephen Harper's personality, I'm going to email it to a bunch of media people:

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