Taleeb Noormohamed, house-flipper!!!

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Taleeb Noormohamed, house-flipper!!!
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Liberal candidate flipped at least 21 homes since 2005.

$4.9 million in profits, $3.7 million in the last six years.

Stuff like this is why no one my age or younger can afford to buy a house in Vancouver.

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Should be a major national scandal, especially with Trudeau promising to implement a house-flipping tax; but don't hold your breath waiting for the pro-Liberal CBC to bring it up.

CBC News ran a puff piece a few days ago about increasing diversity in parliament, in which they were basically promoting Taleeb as a 'star' Liberal candidate in Van-Granville on the grounds that he would be the first Ismaili MP if he gets elected. No mention of the fact that all the Van-Granville candidates from parties with representation in parliament are POC.

NDP in Van-Granville should go hard on the house-flipper angle -- could play well with 2019 Jody voters who voted for Jody based on her perceived ethical behaviour in the SNC-Lavalin affair.

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Anjali Appadurai (Van-Granville NDP candidate) wrote:
Incredibly hard to imagine running in an election to represent people feeling the weight of a crushing housing crisis while simultaneously netting $3.7 million flipping homes in the last six years.

Homes are for living in. Voters in #VanGran deserve better than this.


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Warren Kinsella wrote:
Good thing Trudeau Liberals are against this practice. #cndpoli #bcpoli


Thanks Left Turn - great thread explaning some of the details why Canadian voters have grown tired of all the Liberal lies. 

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Liberal candidate campaigning on housing affordability bought or sold at least 30 B.C. properties over the last decade

The Liberal candidate campaigning for Parliament on a promise to make housing more affordable has bought or sold at least 30 residential properties in the last decade, with roughly half of those being offloaded within 12 months of their purchase date.

Publicly available property records from B.C. Assessment, independently obtained and verified by CTV News, show Taleeb Noormohamed, who is seeking to reclaim the Vancouver Granville seat for the Liberals, waiting, in one case, as little as 107 days between his purchase and sale.

As part of the party's election platform, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to slap an additional "anti-flipping" tax on speculators who buy and sell properties within the span of a year.

Data shows at least 14 of the properties Noormohamed owned and sold between 2011 and 2021, all located in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver, would fit that criteria

The article link includes the broadcast version of this story from last night's CTV Vancouver News at Six, which includes a clip of the press coference held by NDP candidates Anjali Appadurai (Vancouver Granville) and Peter Julian (New Westminster--Burnaby).

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From Peter Julian's Facebook page:

Peter Julian wrote:
Records show Trudeau's Liberal candidate flipped dozens of homes since 2005, making nearly $5 million! I joined Anjali Appadurai candidate for Vancouver Granville NDP to call on Trudeau to answer for his candidate's house flipping, that is driving up prices for everyone else. For six years, housing prices have skyrocketed while Justin Trudeau let speculators off the hook. We can't afford his empty promises. We need real action on the housing crisis now!


As a long-time housing activist (in Montréal) thanks for this.