Teflon Trudeau's serial bungling

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Teflon Trudeau's serial bungling
voice of the damned

The building of the TMP signals the expansion of the tar sands, which means this government has  resigned from any commitment to fighting global warming.  We become an international pariah, having sold our soul to Big Oil.

Well, an international pariah everywhere except China, which, according to numerous sources, including Canadian Views, is the Number One customer lined up to buy oil from Trans Mountain, and which I'm also taken to understand possibly had a lawsuit in the works in the event of the pipeline not going through.

Then there was the G7 Summit.  What was a .6 billion dollar dog and pony show amounted to not much of anything and concluded with Donald Trump’s rude exit.  Trump nailed it for what it was a gathering of timorous vassal states.

If Trump is complaining that the EU is a bunch of vassal states, I don't think he means the same thing that you do when you say that. Hard to see why Trump would be upset about Europe being subservient to the USA.