The thanks they get for crossing the floor

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The thanks they get for crossing the floor


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who crossed?


Former Liberal aide (and sometime stand-up comic) Dan Donovan who now publishes Ottawa Life magazine, thinks Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosanjh are a couple of socialists ruining the Liberal Party.


A good example of this is the coverage of the Afghan detainee issue. The thrust of the media coverage seems to coalesce around the idea that the Canadian Forces deliberately, in a planned and premeditated manner, colluded with Afghan authorities in the torturing of detainees in Afghanistan. The national media are beside themselves frothing, spewing and spanking with joy as they report this as if it were true. They provide magnified coverage to Richard Colvin and present his assertions as fact and suggest there is a cover-up at the highest levels. What is the end game? To whom would the Official Opposition suggest the military turn over its military detainees? The Taliban? Al Qaeda? Perhaps a Canadian prison should be opened with all the trimmings provided by Correctional Services Canada?

Meanwhile, Mr. Rae and Mr. Dosanjh prostitute themselves for media ratings, offering scarce objectivity and an absence of balance. They postulate that if Canadian soldiers handed over even one prisoner who was then mistreated (or tortured) by Afghan authorities, both the Prime Minister and Defence Minister must be war criminals. There could not be any other explanation. Their conjecture is nothing but absurd. We know factually that there were cases when the Canadian Forces took detainees back into their custody upon learning the Afghans were mistreating them. But don't let that get in the way of a good round of media froth. Just last year, Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosanjh, both former NDP Premiers who are now posing as Liberals (and who are the key spokespersons for the Liberal Party posts of Foreign Affairs and Defence), were demanding that then Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier resign because he told reporters during a scrum in Afghanistan that Asadullah Khalid, the governor of Kandahar province, should be replaced. They argued that by making this statement about Khalid, Bernier was interfering in Afghanistan's domestic issues. Again, the national media were all over this story reporting that Bernier was interfering. They insinuated his resignation was imminent. Now, Rae and Dosanjh are saying that Peter MacKay should resign because he did not interfere enough in Afghanistan's governance. It is a classic example of sucking and blowing at the same time.

Many lifelong Liberals, like me, are disgusted with Rae and Dosanjh and their antics. Their agenda is to do whatever they can to attack the Prime Minister and Defence Minister, even if it means tarring the reputation of Canada and the Canadian Forces. It's odd, I've never heard Rae or Dosanjh expend the same amount of energy on matters related to the deaths of 136 soldiers and diplomats violently killed in Afghanistan. I don't recall Dosanjh expressing any concerns for detainees when he was a Liberal Minister in the Paul Martin Cabinet that expanded our Afghan mission. Actually, I don't recall Dosanjh expressing any concern for our poorly armed troops who were killed in action in Afghanistan because he and his colleagues in Cabinet sent the troops to Afghanistan with equipment that did not provide them with enough protection. He must have done so ... but in private with the same great flare, gusto and passion he articulates for the Taliban prisoners. Bravo Ujjal! Bravo!

Here are more hard cold facts ... Mr. Rae and Mr. Dosanjh are pretend Liberals looking for the fastest way to the top. They ditched their NDP buddies when they were no longer convenient. Now, they are prepared to ditch the men and women of Afghanistan for their own political ends. And that, my friends, is the END GAME.

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well, well, well......they are tired of Count Ignatief taking the blame, along with themselves and are dishing it to Rae and Dosanjh....the Liberals really are emploding.



I believe the rule in the NDP is that a floor crosser has to sit as an independent until an election call.  Then there is that pesky little problem that both men would have i.e. what NDP Riding Association would nominate them?

I sincerely hope this man gets his way and the Liberals start talking like they would govern if elected.  I far prefer that to pretending they are "liberals"  


When's the next poll coming out? Laughing

Seriously though, NDPers will have to continue to act like a competent government in waiting, otherwise Harper will get his majority government by default.

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Wow. What a lot of whining over the "unpleasant" task of what to do with prisoners of war. Torture is the new normal for the spokespersons of imperialism. Ooh rah.

I think Dan Donovan would say "Kill 'em all" ... but can't, for rather obvious reasons.


Well, according to at least some of the documents dumped in the Commons today, there are allegations that the Afghan authorities did exactly that.  Believe me, I'm taking no satisfaction whatsoever in passing this news clipping on:


A Canadian soldier has alleged that Afghan authorities routinely executed detainees his unit handed over to them, newly released documents show.

The stack of records released Thursday by the federal government also said detainees at a Kandahar prison told Foreign Affairs and Corrections Canada officials on a site tour that they had been tortured.

And they reveal that a Canadian military policewoman stationed at the Kandahar base was assaulted in early 2008 and told to mind her own business.


The accusation that detainees were killed by Afghan army or police officers comes from a Canadian soldier with the Royal Canadian Regiment who served in the Panjawi district. Upon returning to Canada, he told a military doctor treating him for stress about his concerns.

"After they handed over the detainee, the local authority would walk the detainee out of range and the detainee would be shot," says a 2008 report on the soldier's claims. "This occurred on more than one occasion."

The doctor told investigators about his patient's allegations since they involved possible criminal activity. He added that those who return from Afghanistan with stress-related conditions sometimes exaggerate, and that the killings may never have happened.

"However, the condition that he does have would not give him any reason to lie. Therefore, he may be telling the truth," the report said.


Meanwhile, there is apparently a demo going on outside Bob Rae's constituency office right now over the Liberals' deal with the Conservatives earlier this week to expedite the passage of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Deal, which was cooked up by Scott Brison and Ignatieff in cooperation with Harper at the Davos conference. It amends the legislation to provide for a side deal on human rights whereby the Colombian government has to provide periodic reports on its own human rights record.

Amnesty International and Peter Julian have been scathing in their assessment of the likely effectiveness of this gimmick. Have Rae's views really changed so much that he's prepared to let this go through?

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Really scott brison? he who should be on top of all things to do with human rights.

... good stuff that they actually were positively pro-active and went to picket a politicians actual working place.


and after the Liberals perhaps purposefully threw women under the bus this week, can there be any doubt of who they actually are?




remind wrote:

Really scott brison? he who should be on top of all things to do with human rights.

Rich white guys are like that.


Scottie is not rich. But he is definitely an unapologetic capitalist. And while he might not say it in this case, Scott subscribes very much to the perfectly valid school of thought that I am a person who is gay, and that says little else about my beleifs beyond a commitment to tolerance and acceptance.


Case study #2 under the heading "casualties of an ungrateful beneficiary of disloyal actions":

Michaelle Jean is not going to be re-appointed by Stephen Harper, and the leading candidate to replace her now that Rick Hansen has turned it down is John de Chastelain.


Here are more hard cold facts ... Mr. Rae and Mr. Dosanjh are pretend Liberals looking for the fastest way to the top. They ditched their NDP buddies when they were no longer convenient. Now, they are prepared to ditch the men and women of Afghanistan for their own political ends.


True words, but I wonder why Donovan suddenly got huffy about what is the standard operating proceedure of the Liberal Party since before Confederation. 

Could it be that he is just a pretend Liberal looking for the fastest way to the top by ditching his Liberal buddies when they were no longer convenient?

Ken Burch

Well,  the man probably does realize the Liberals won't be the ones appointing senators anytime soon.

Ken Burch

Perhaps Donovan is possessed by the spirit of Judy LaMarsh?