They used to love that word "Reform" they love that word "Pension"

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They used to love that word "Reform" they love that word "Pension"
Buddy Kat

Yeh really ..they say the pensions were “THRUST” upon them….I wonder how the greater than 65 year old Albertan male with sub standard education feels about collecting the Canada pension created by Tommy Douglas…these people are the essence of the word hypocracy - not to mention , responsible for electing conservatives.Yell



I believe it was pronounced REFOOOOORM. They also liked grassroots demcracy and all that, obviously passe. That was sooooo 1993.

Sean in Ottawa

Doug wrote:

They rode into Ottawa as freshman MPs decrying the “fat-cat” pensions on offer, and now, many years later, the handful of former Reformers still serving in Parliament have racked up generous retirement packages of their own.


I continue to be surprised that the "un-Reformness" of the current Conservative Party isn't more of an issue than it is.

I think it is more of an issue except the leader keeps a ruthless lid on it. As long as he can deliver them in to power they will accept it. But if he loses seats people will speak up. If he loses government he won't be able to contain the damage.

At risk of course is a federal incarnation of the Wildrose Party. Just ask Kim Campbell what the implications of that could be.