"Threaten a Mountie?"

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"Threaten a Mountie?"

I found this. I guess the Horesmen are using third parties to threaten their officers for not toeing the police brass party line over the gun registry.



Would you threaten a mountie?

Probably not. Neither would I. But then, you and I aren’t Wendy Cukier – Ryerson IT prof turned anti-gun crusader. Now, I would think that since the Liberals aren’t in government Wendy would probably be taking it easy – after all, its been a long time since she got handed that $380,000 grant by the Liberals to, er, lobby the Liberal government for more gun control – but apparently I’m wrong. Here’s a letter an RCMP member sent to Wendy’s “Coalition for Gun Control” recently:

As a detachment commander with the RCMP, I am very discouraged to see that your organization talks as though you are an authority on firearms and their usage in this country. I have never found the gun registry to save a single life and if anything endangers the lives of officers that place any kind of faith in the registry. It is a useless “tool” and should be scrapped so that police can receive the funding used on the useless registry for tools that will actually assist investigations and keep officers safer in the field. It is disheartening to see your organization producing statements wrought with half truths and deception to the press in a feeble attempt to maintain this useless registry.

This, you would think, would be an excellent opportunity for Ms. Cukier to use her extensive “expertise” in the areas of firearms use and policy to provide the officer with a compelling reason to change his/her mind. Instead, Wendy replies with the following:

Thanks for writing. The Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP seems not to agree with your assessment, nor do the senior officers who are members of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. If you are a detachment commander without an understanding of the importance of the firearms registry to officers and community safety, I believe you may need a refresher in RCMP policies and procedures. I would be happy to pass your concerns on. Wendy Cukier


Progessive libertarians should be very careful about parroting what the police and information technology corporations want, however way it's presented. This is how Antisocial Behaviour Orders and all the CCTV cameras ended up in Britain.