Time for another Liberal leadership change?

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Time for another Liberal leadership change?



As they slowly sink in the polls the Liberals have to be asking themselves about their last leadership putsch. A leader can only be involved wiith so many screw-ups before he/she becomes labeled with a "best before date".  


Michael Ignatieff enters 'Dion-land'

Dion-land is scary territory for the Liberals and the connotation is even worse. Mr. Ignatieff replaced Mr. Dion in December, 2008, coming in as the party saviour. But with the poor showing in the poll today and the missteps of late (this week's loss of their own motion on reproductive health), some Liberals may be questioning the leadership change.






Liberals falling back





Ah, Pierre Elliott Trudeau - those were the days!

No guts, no glory for Ignatieff and the Liberals

However, the Montreal conference is shaping up as a fiasco.

Many senior Liberals are giving Montreal a pass, claiming they have better things to do. Other veterans are upset that they were told to stay away and instead watch the event via live webcast at their local riding headquarters.

And in a stupid move, Ignatieff has excluded virtually every Liberal MP and Senator, insisting the conference is to be non-partisan. But where's the "team" in the "Liberal team" if only the leader can attend? And what does it say about Ignatieff's confidence in the ability of his Liberal MPs to generate new ideas?

Given the format, it's doubtful any bold ideas will emerge from the conference, which is little more than a forum for a series of prepared speeches by safe, carefully vetted speakers.

Without new ideas, the Liberals appear doomed to lose. Harper's strength is that he knows where he wants to take this country. In comparison, Ignatieff seems to have no clue what's best for Canada, what he wants, or how to go about achieving it.

If he lacks the courage to seize this occasion to champion new ideas that excite voters and make a real difference in Canada's future, then Liberals who rallied around him last May will increasingly drift away and start to prepare for the next Liberal leadership contest.

For Ignatieff and the Liberals, the message is clear: no guts, no glory.




I know it doesn't fit in with the way things usually work in Ottawa, but the Liberals need to give this leadership issue serious consideration now.
Incredible shrinking Ignatieff




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