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Boom Boom wrote:

P&P had an expert and he said it could be anyone, because there's no way you can tie down who's on that one computer just using an IP address.

In fact, they've only connected a gateway IP address that might serve hundreds of computers to someone accessing a gmail account. There could be more than one person with access to the email account and the one who visited the website that the Ottawa Citizen set up isn't necessarily the same one who tweeted. A lot of the tweets look scripted -- as if they were set up to post automatically at regular intervals from an unattended machine.

They really don't have much of anything at all.

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The whole messy adultery and baby out of headlock affair was definitely reported in Winnipeg and is most certainly in the public domain. To waste time and money on investigating vikileaks is an insult to the lack of time and money spent on investigating all the missing and murdered Aboriginal women in this country.

Like others, I'm not keen on dragging personal family stuff into the limelight but when you're dealing with such hypocrites, I do enjoy the karmic justice. And to think that the national press suppressed this dirt while pouncing on the Jack busted in a massage parlour crap. More hypocrisy from the usual cast of clowns.

Still, the spying on Canadians aka let's pretend we're after child pornographers bill was severly beaten by these events and for that, grand KUDOS to whomever created vikileaks.

And the #tellviceverything campaign is comedy gold.



You're right. When I saw the dollar totals, I assumed he was going to Hy's Steakhouse in Ottawa and dining on prime rib and fine wines. Then I saw that he was actually dropping hundreds of dollars at Winnipeg House of Pancakes. Who the hell can eat that many fucking pancakes??

Maybe he took Senator Duffy to brunch