Tom Mulcair will be Prime Minister #3

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The Librrals won because they were there . Once they lost control of the patronage machine that came with being "the natural government party" there was no longer any reason to support them. Canada will politically evolve into a giant Manitoba - a country with two big parties a centre left NDP and a centre right conservative party. The Liberals nationally will be like the MB Liberals - a outiqur party for rich professionals and there are about 12 ridings in Canada that have enough of those people to elect a Liberal.


janfromthebruce wrote:

I always felt very proud that these govts, during tough times got the books in order and thus be able to provde programs that are more social democratic in nature.

This has got to be thread drift, but for what ts worth...

You'll be hard pressed to find a thing that the Dexter government has done or even indicated for the future that is more social democratic in nature. Its all getting the books in order. Thats been so great, its obvious that will be their entire re-election message: getting the job done, more to do yet.

In fact, its going so well, lets start talking about income tax cuts. We arent even finished with draconian cuts when the 'fat' is already gone, and lets have some income tax cuts.


Hardly likely until the books are balanced again, following the grants to Irving's boatyards that allowed the firm to put forward winning bids on the federal ship-building contracts.

Or does this person from central Canada have that wrong?

The jobs that it promises to provide for a couple of decades have to be attractive to folk used to goin' down the road.


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Campaign finance reform killed the Liberals. It used to be a foregone conclusion that they could spend their opponents into obscurity. Not so anymore. The elitist party of elites can't even call itself elite anymore. With its instasupporters it is on its way to becoming a Groucho Marx punchline, "I would never join a club, that would have me as a member."