Tommy Douglas words from the past

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Tommy Douglas words from the past

So inspirational, and just the message we need to hear in times like this.

Thank you very much, quizzical.


Thanks quizzical.  I'm sending it on to others.

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Thanks Quizzical. I was stuck in a Bridget Jones rut. Now I am going to watch the movie "Prairie Giant".

He also once said, "Man has accomplished many things. He can fly through the sky like a bird. He can swim under the oceans like a fish. He can burrow under the ground like a mole...Now, if man were allowed to walk the earth like a man this would be paradise."


thanks for the quote misfit.

welcome everyone but really just forwarded it myself. it filled a hole gir me.

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thanks misfit. where have people like him gone from politics 

Sean in Ottawa

Yes, where are the people like that.

The NDP today quote Douglas on Courage and talk about fighting for us. They identify a principle of fighting for the most vulnerable, people with nothing. Then they fold like a cheap campaign flyer and vote for the Liberal package. For the second time.

Is there nobody in the party with BOTH Principles AND Courage - or is that just something for a flyer - something to tell us with other bullshit at election time?

The Liberals and the Conservatives are shit. But they never identified this as important.

The NDP did and still refused to be counted where and when it counted. Makes them no less dogshit than the other parties.

The NDP's argument for existence has been that they can make a difference. That argument is a fart in a windstorm today.

Douglas would not be pleased at this gutless pretense at caring and shameless use of people's pain to sell themselves but not fight when the chips are down. He would want to rip down his face off the campaign posters. He did have guts and he did show them what that meant. And they forgot except to whistle the tune.