Too much emphasis on party leader?

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Too much emphasis on party leader?

I'm tired of having all the focus on party leaders.  I want to hear from the parties, I want to hear the MPs.  The NDP has great MPs.  I want to hear them talk about national issues.  I know that in order to get elected, MPs have to focus on their constituencies, but the party as a whole ought to save time to put forward their "star" MPs.

I want to get away from the attacks between party leaders - what a waste of time!

I don't want to hear whiny attacks such "Harper/Layton/Ignatieff says...gna gna gna gna"

I want to hear opposition MPs have a go at the way Cabinet Ministers manage their portfolios - there is a treasure trove there.  It will educate the electorate, it will sensitize them to real issues, not partisan politics.