TPP may die because.of.Canada.

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TPP may die because.of.Canada.




anyone else think this is a good thing or that the author of this is an asshole for throwing dairy and polutry farner's under a bus?


Why Investor State Dispute Settlement in trade agreements is bad: Welcome to Corporate Feudalism.

An international trade tribunal has ordered Ottawa to pay ExxonMobil and another oil company $17.3 million, following a complaint that the companies were required to spend money in Newfoundland and Labrador on research and development.


Text of the decision not made public. Secret tribunals. Multinational able to negate democratic policy. Notice this wasn't, and never is, the "benefits" sold by the "trade" agreement complex to the public.


And the Americans have made it clear they have a deal-breaker with Canada — supply management in agriculture, notably dairy and poultry.

They aren’t the only ones — Australia and New Zealand, which have successfully transitioned out of supply management, also want this on the table. As New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser told Reuters in Washington last week, Canada has a protected dairy industry “which looks like it belongs in the former Soviet Union.”

He’s not wrong about that.



No, there was no such thing as economic protectionism before 1917.



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What an idiotic statement. Our dairy farms are not collectivized.

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ISDS: The New Supreme Court

Trade deals like the TPP, T-TIP, and TISA are solidifying a new legal structure called Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), which allows multinational corporations to nullify national laws and overrule their supreme courts, including ours here in the United States -  


MELINDA ST. LOUIS, PUBLIC CITIZEN: So in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or in the TPP, it's being sold as a trade agreement, but really there's only a very small amount of it that has to do with what we think of as trade.


TPP: What Concessions Would Canada Consider

"Anyone who follows Canada's trade talks with the European Union, or the North American and Canada-US free trade agreements before that, has seen this strategy before..."

What 's different this time around, is that all parties intend to  accept this deal but need to devise effective strategies for fooling Canadians into thinking they will 'defend Canadian interests'. So we will be treated to some theatrics but the intent is to sign. Be warned.


What the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks Mean For Canada (and vid)

"Trade ministers from 12 Pacific Rim countries are meeting Tuesday in Hawaii to begin 4 days of intensive negotiations on what is being called one of the biggest trade deals in history.

The full text of the TPP has not been made public."

Secrecy Around TPP Trade Deal Fuels Suspicions and Worries

"A handful of draft chapters of the TPP, leaked via wikileaks, have highlighted the proposed treaty's heavy emphasis on expanding protections for corporate rights and assets like intellectual property-patents, copyrights and databases - that are far more valuable to advanced economy corporations than traditional cargo trade.

For critics, the proposals show a deal moving more toward protection than free trade, one more about corporate benefits than boosting economie and development.

Another TPP flashpoint is the controversial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), which gives foreign investors the right to sue a government in an outside tribunal over policies or actions that hurt their investment."


TPP, TTIP etc - 'Political Treaties to Abolish Democracy and State Sovereignty

Interview with Alfred De Zayas

"The core problems are state sovereignty and democratic controls. These treaties, if adopted, constitute a frontal attack on the State's regulatory function and on the possibility for democracies to operate on the basis of the will of the people.

We have all become aware that the treaties, most of them equipped with a new arbitral jurisdiction, are creating a new kind of world order, namely one that is no longer democratic, whose key decisions are taken by corporations.

So it is a matter of much more than a few 'free trade agreements'. These agreements are geopolitical constructs.."



TPP Trade Deal Proposal Would See CBC, Canada Post Exist Solely For Profit

"A leaked document from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade talks indicates the CBC, Canada Post and other Crown corporations could be required to operate solely for profit under the deal's terms. The latest round of TPP talks, between Canada and 11 other countries opened in Hawaii this week, and news reports indicate some negotiators are optimistic a final deal will be reached in this round.

A poll released last month found three-quarters of Canadians had never heard of the Trans Pacific Partnership."

Citizens Against CETA


The TPP Trade Agreement, Sovereignty and Secrecy  -  by Binoy Kampmark

"If parliamentary sovereignty counts for anything, this will be it..."


IF TPP dies, it may be because of Japan...and because obviously any negotiations become meaningless and absurd under the circumstances revealed.

Target Tokyo

"Today, Friday, 31 July 2015, 9:00 AM CEST, WikiLeaks publishes 'Target Tokyo', 35 Top Secret NSA targets in Japan including the Japanese cabinet and Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, together with intercepts relating to US-Japan relations, TRADE NEGOTIATIONS and sensitive climate-change strategy.

One of the reports is marked 'REL TO USA, AUS, CAN, GBR, NZL,' meaning it has been formally authorised to be released to the United States' 'Five Eyes' intelligence partners, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand.

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief said: 'The lesson for Japan is this: do not expect a global surveillance superpower, to act with honour or respect. There is only one rule: There are no rules.'


TPP Deal Would Force CBC, Canada Post To Work For Profit Only - Leak

"TPP could have the power to force state-owned enterprises such as news organization CBC and postal services to abandon their public mandate and embrace a profit-only approach.."


Trans Pacifi Partnership Talks Hit Snag, No Deal Reached

"...But talks will continue in the future. 'We are confident than ever that TPP is in reach,' US trade rep Michael Froman said at a news conference."


US-Led Pacific Trade Pact Talks Break Down

"In a significant blow to the Obama administration, four days of 'make or break,' ministerial-level talks in Hawaii on the US-dominated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) collapsed last weekend. No agreement was even reached on when to resume the negotiations..."


Tom Mulcair Says Stephen Harper is 'Weak and Vulnerable' on TPP Talks

"NDP Leader Tom Mulcair hit back at Stephen Harper today, calling him 'weak' and 'vulnerable' as Canada continues to negotiate a trade deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, after the Canadian government failed to secure one before the election was called on Sunday.

Mulcair said getting Canada's energy resources to market is an priority for the NDP..." *

* see #8 above



Canadian Government Amends 'Caretaker Rules' To Give Itself Power to Continue Negotiating TPP  -  by Michael Geist

"Without a government mandate, Canadian negotiators simply can't provide other TPP countries assurances that concessions made today will last beyond October 19th.

The government may have quietly altered its rules to provide assurances that it can negotiate a deal, but it would be more appropriate to adopt observer status until the conclusion of the current election campaign."


Omerta seems to have decended on the NDP shills.  They're neither condeming how this is all going down, nor are they in the mood for supporting their faction's 'pragmatism.'  For them it must be 'cosa nostra.'


I noticed. In the unlikely event that Tom Terrific wins, we could see an NDP negotiating TPP. Wouldn't that be fun..?


I'm thinking in terms of the effect on municipalities who pass local by-laws against fracking, like in Inverness County down on the Cape.  The villagers could be in for millions in court costs and fines and nobody to stand up for them.  In other places around the world where corporations just move in and take over regardless of what anyone says, local citizens are normally referred to as terrorists if they protest too much.  In part this is why it doesn't make sense to vote for this system anymore.  Unfortunately there are far too many smelly, biological desiring machines who will continue to seek some crumb or another in the electoral goody basket for them and theirs, and sadly, through the polling booth all of this will be given a pass.


Canada, Mexico Drawn into Deal-Breaking Auto Talks in TPP Negotiations

"Canada and Mexico are joining forces to try and break a major logjam over Japanese autos at the Trans Pacific Partnership talks. After balking at the Japan-US proposal on autos in Hawaii, Canada and Mexico are now working jointly on an alternative..."


Let's hope so. The revelations of long-term American surveillance and prior knowledge of negotiating positions to fix the game wouldn't have instilled much enthusiasm either.


Leaked TPP Draft Would Force Canada To Rework Copyright, Critics Say

"Terms might even require internet providers to block access to certain websites, law professor warns.."


TPP Trade Talks Will Be 'Major Issue' in Election Campaign Says Jean Charest

"Former Quebec premier says clock is ticking on TPP and Canada-EU trade talks."


Is the TPP Agreement Truly For Trade?

"A provision in the negotiating text prevents countries from imposing trade sanctions against Israel..."



Canada's Largest Private Union Slams Secretive TPP Talks For Lacking Democratic Mandate

"These talks have occurred completely in secret. Business leaders may know what's on the table, but Canadians don't,' [Unfor president Jerry] Dias said in a statement.

'And now a federal election has been called, Canadian officials have absolutely no mandate to negotiate away our industries and jobs. The deal isn't even about trade. It is motivated by a desire to enforce a very pro-business set of rules and regulations on the entire Pacific Rim economy."


TTIP: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - Another 'BIG T' (and vid)

"This is part of a new geopolitical war."



"...While these negotiations are expected to resume in the weeks ahead, sources advise that Canada dropped numerous demands on key patent and copyright issues in Hawaii, likely in the mistaken belief that a concluded deal was imminent. As a result, it seems likely that Canada will be forced to concede on other key issues when countries next meet to finalize the TPP..."

No 'mistake' they took a dive. TPP can be rejected by parliament, but how likely is that, no matter who's in power? See #8 above..


Rejecting TPP A Matter of Human Rights

"...The frenzied attempts to force through a TPP agreement last week in Hawaii failed, and that is a good thing. We should really be calling on our government [AND CANDIDATES!] to drop any further efforts to negotiate it."


Feb, 2013: Open Letter To Thomas Mulcair: Maintain NDP's Opposition To 'Trade' Deals Like CETA, [TPP]

"Neoliberalism is antithetical to the fundamental principles of social democracy. I do hope you will continue to maintain the NDP's longstanding policy of opposition to new trade and investment agreements..."


NDP Would Embrace Trade Agreements in Office, Party's Trade Critic Says

"A government led by Tom Mulcair would have a dramatically different stance on free-trade agreements than the NAFTA-bashing NDP of the 1980s. NDP trade critic Don Davies says pragmatism is the guiding principle for his party's policy on international agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the New Democrats are willing to support flawed deals if they improve Canadian trade.

The new stance is somewhat at odds with the party's history..."


For More Info on these 'flawed deals'

Flush the TPP


Protesters Rally Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Martin Place

"The rally was organised by GetUp! and the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network - and called on Trade Minister Andrew Robb to scrap the US-led deal, which will 'set the rules' for business in the region. Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon attended the rally near the US consulate, calling for the deal to be 'scrapped entirely.'

'It's not about negotiating, it's not about fixing it up, it's about scrapping it entirely. You've heard three great speakers set out how dangerous this agreement would be on so many fronts, literally to the standards and the quality of life in this country. From health to labour standards, to environment and action on climate change.

Lesley Gruit is on the working committee of the Australian Fair Trade Investment Network and said all people with an interest in legislation should be very concerned about TPP. 'I'm particularly offended by the fact that there is the ability for corporate entities to sue government over areas we would consider to be areas of national interest..."


Sayonara NAFTA: Canada Must Compromise To Stay in TPP Talks

"Ministers negotiating the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will meet for three days next week in Atlanta in what is seen as a last ditch effort to reach an agreement.

Prime Ministers Shizo Abe of Japan and Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama all want the deal done - and done soon..."


Harper is Secretly Negotiating Away Canada's Prized Health Care System

"Canadian elections are scheduled for Oct 19 and almost nobody is talking about the TPP being aggressively pushed by Stephen Harper and what it would do..."

TPP has been accurately described as 'a stealth corporate coup'detat'. The virtual media blackout is hardly accidental...


These so-called trade agreements are like Rasputin. Very difficult to kill.


Especially by those whose 'opposition' is purely nominal and strategically designed to fail.


Trans Pacific Partnership Could Include Big Dairy Concession

"Canada is preparing to open the border to more American milk, without getting reciprocal access for Canadian dairy farmers in the US, CBC has learned.

Conservatives want to conclude a deal before the Oct 19 election and cast it as a win for consumers.

The deal is portrayed as '98% done.'


Are the Conservatives so deluded that they think reaching an agreement will be a net political plus? Apparently they are.


Paris Climate Agreement Threatened By Trade Deals  -  by Joyce Nelson

"A Canadian legal scholar and professor, Gus Van Harten has released a report warning that trade deals like NAFTA, the pending Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and other trade and investment deals could threaten implementation of a Paris climate agreement through their investor-state dispute (ISDS) mechanisms.

Many of the same countries pledging to take serious action on climate change are also party to, or are aggressively negotiating trade and investment the stage is set for a conflict."


Harper Conservatives Hope to Have TPP Agreement This Week

"The Conservative government hopes to have an agreement in place before the weekend that would establish the world's largest free-trade zone, allowing a final sprint towards election day with a 12-country pact in hand..."

And you're going to be very sorry they did...


The TPP And Canada  -  by Binoy Kampmark

"The negotiating patterns show time and time again that overall capitulation will take place...This is the grand act of hegomonic victory, and should it succeed, the vassalised states will only have themselves to blame."

Shouldn't we be making somewhat more noise about this monstrous corporate takeover 'by stealth',  Canucklheads?

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There are three sides to every story and I have a feeling there is something being hidden here with this G&M story. I will do some digging and get back with you in a day or two fellas.

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Brachina wrote:




anyone else think this is a good thing or that the author of this is an asshole for throwing dairy and polutry farner's under a bus?

if you think that milk, cheese, eggs and chicken soup is the larger extent of the TPP as an awake Canadian, when so many are asleep, we are doomed. Of the 26 chapters of negotiations in the TPP, trade makes up two of them. What is in the rest? Will public banks be outlawed as having unfair advantage. Will this mean that the Bank of Canada, owned by all Canadians, will have to sold off to private interests? What if Goldman Sachs is the high bid? Will this then mean that Canada's financial management will be in the hands of the traders at Goldman's, possibly the most evil corporation that has ever existed? What if we don't even get to know who the buyer is? I say this as this is one of the speculations on the TPP that has been put forward...along with the dissolution of credit unions? This is but one example of questions arrising from who knows how many pages of secret negtiations done by corporate lawyers in the interests of corporations. Instead of the diary industry be tossed under the bus it would be better to announce that the people have been handed over entirely, from the Canadian social conpact, to the corporate for consideration as to how the people affect corporate bottom lines.....and this my friend is what the TPP is all about The sovereignty of the people through the entity of Canada will be handed over to the new masters of the entity known as the Corporation of Canada. This is a hostile takeover and they are keeping the shareholders in the dark and one only has to ask why to know why.


According to The Globe and Mail, the US successfully negotiated a 25-year phase-in of the reduction of the percentage of North American autoparts required for a vehicle to be imported duty free, whereas Canadian negotiators settled for 5 years. Not only did we do the wrong thing, we did it poorly.


We are not bound by an agreement nobody has seen or assented to. If such a proposed deal actually becomes visible, we can refuse it, tear it up and carry on. That is what should happen and unless Canadians are very stupid or very gullible, that is what will happen. Don't pay attention to the mainstream corporate media whose job it is to sell it to you or you will end up as dizzy,confused and wrong as Canadians tend to be on most matters of international importance. Just say no, keep saying no and demand your political representatives say no also. Got it? Good.

Doug Woodard

TPP would allow milk from cows receiving hormones into Canada:



And just wait till domestic producers try to label their milk, "Hormone Free." Outside producers will sue Canada for compensation before the secret tribunals


josh wrote:

And just wait till domestic producers try to label their milk, "Hormone Free." Outside producers will sue Canada for compensation before the secret tribunals

Yes, and the tribunals will probably find for the US producers as this would be seen to be an unfair advantage.


Understanding Canada's Trade Agenda  -  by Peter Clark

"...The TPP Agreement announced in Atlanta on October 5 is not quite done yet. There is ongoing drafting and legal scrubbing underway in Tokyo by technicians and lawyers from all 12 parties. The very detailed review and scrutiny of what is rumoured to be a 1,500 page agreement is very complex, detailed work - it moves slowly and the text will not be ready until early November. (if then).

Inside US Trade reports that there will be a short additional delay while the new Canadian Government reviews the text. Washington does not expect this review to be problematic.

Measured against the initial goals and more than five years of hype about gold-standard agreements, the results may be considered underwhelming by those who believe the hype. Trade negotiations like politics is the art of the possible. The Atlanta Text was all that was possible..."

A good overview of the process from a pro-TPP perspective


ps since it would appear we are abandoning the election TPP thread, a reminder that it contains a great deal of useful info:


CBC AIH: Whistleblower Slams TPP Deal That Allows Milk From Hormone-Treated Cows Into Canada (podcast)

"Shiv Chopra is a former Health Canada scientist who lost his job after raising the alarm about dangers posed by bovince growth hormone (BGH). Chopra tells AIH host Carol Off, 'We worked upon it so much and got [Bovine Growth Hormone] rejected in Canada...Now under the trade agreement it's going to let the flood gates open.'

According to Chopra, 'The damage that occurs to the milk, to the cows, ultimately translates into human health hazards. As a result, you not only get BGH but also an insulin-like growth hormone that causes cancer. Chopra believes Canadian consumers won't know where their milk is sourced."

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The TPP is about much more than "cows and cars".    That's unfortunately what the mainstream media is focused on.

The U.S. Business Software Alliance which represents all of "big tech" (Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.) successfully lobbied to prevent signatory states from enacting "data localization" policies i.e. policies that would require private information like your health info etc. to be stored on servers within your own country.

Under the TPP, the NSA could potentially have full access to your private information.

It's a little ironic given that the EU Court of Justice has just struck down the US/EU safe harbour agreement which used to allow transfer of personal data between the U.S. and the EU.   The EU Court of Justice has just ruled that in light of the mass surveillance of people conducted by the NSA, that the Safe Harbour Agreement is now effectively inoperable.



LB Cultured Thought

NDPP wrote:

CBC AIH: Whistleblower Slams TPP Deal That Allows Milk From Hormone-Treated Cows Into Canada (podcast)

"Shiv Chopra is a former Health Canada scientist who lost his job after raising the alarm about dangers posed by bovince growth hormone (BGH). Chopra tells AIH host Carol Off, 'We worked upon it so much and got [Bovine Growth Hormone] rejected in Canada...Now under the trade agreement it's going to let the flood gates open.'

According to Chopra, 'The damage that occurs to the milk, to the cows, ultimately translates into human health hazards. As a result, you not only get BGH but also an insulin-like growth hormone that causes cancer. Chopra believes Canadian consumers won't know where their milk is sourced."

That was all very dramatic, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess he was actually fired for being a quack. Or, more specifically, for giving completely unscientific expert testimony to the senate comittee he says he was testifying to under oath. Always nice to see tax dollars being used to deliberately misinform the public though.


Final NDP anti-TPP ad

Stop Harper's TPP


Don't Forget the National Security Case for TPP

"TPP will strengthen America's national security."


"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

B Mussolini