TPP may die because.of.Canada.

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Bingo! Congratulations, I think that's a highly credible scenario of how it will come down. Now we must ask ourselves how many of the faux opposition are also aware of the 'signing-just-a-technicality' scam but have agreed to do the theatre and take the dive at the end.

I think that you and/or Sean should also seriously consider working this up into a short piece for the Rabble frontpage.

With respect to public 'consultations', it should be remembered that Freeland herself has said, 'The negotiations are finished and for Canadians it's important to understand that it's a decision of yes, or no.' So why consult? To complete the illusion floated that 'they haven't made up their minds yet.

Remember too that there have been several revelations from international sources, most notably the Japanese, saying they were assurred Canada was on board with this deal. But domestically we were being given the impression the government hasn't made up its mind. It's a scam that will end with Canada in the bag of this 'corporate could d'etat by stealth', the TPP.


Trudeau Admits He Intends On Signing TPP

"...Ultimately what has changed is that the story surrounding the TPP that supporters of the government have been trying to build is further falling apart. So, where Canada stands now is that the government has basically admitted its support after months of denial. Signing has become a sure thing and the only thing left is ratification.

For those opposed to the agreement, the situation is starting to look dire. While signing has yet to happen, once the ink dries, it will become extremely difficult for the Canadian government to back out because of obligations found in the agreement. The opposition needs to step up their game.."



Thanks NDPP.  I found another article that gives more detail:

Basically, it is in the purview of the Executive Branch to ratify treaties, but the practise since January 2008 has been to table such treaties in the House of Commons before ratification. 

So, official ratification is:

Cabinet prepares an Order in Council authorizing the Minister of Foreign Affairs to sign an Instrument of Ratification or Accession.13 Once this instrument is deposited with the appropriate authority, the treaty is officially ratified.

The new policy (which I'm guessing will be followed in this case) of 2008 is:

The Clerk of the House of Commons distributes the full text of the agreement accompanied by a memorandum explaining the primary issues at stake, including subject matter, primary obligations, national interests, policy considerations, federal-provincial/territorial considerations, implementation issues, a description of any intended reservations or declarations, and a description of consultations undertaken. The House of Commons then has 21 sitting days to consider the treaty before the executive takes action to bring the treaty into effect through ratification or other preliminary measures, such as introducing legislation. The House has the power to debate the treaty and to pass a motion recommending action, including ratification; however, such a vote has no legal force. Passing treaties through the House of Commons remains a courtesy on the part of the executive, which retains full authority to decide whether to ratify the treaty after the parliamentary review. The policy states clearly that in exceptional cases the executive may have to ratify treaties before they can be tabled in Parliament. To do this, the executive will seek approval from the prime minister for an exemption and inform the House of Commons of the treaty as soon as possible upon ratification.


NDPP wrote:

With respect to public 'consultations', it should be remembered that Freeland herself has said, 'The negotiations are finished and for Canadians it's important to understand that it's a decision of yes, or no.' So why consult? To complete the illusion floated that 'they haven't made up their minds yet.

Remember too that there have been several revelations from international sources, most notably the Japanese, saying they were assurred Canada was on board with this deal. But domestically we were being given the impression the government hasn't made up its mind. It's a scam that will end with Canada in the bag of this 'corporate could d'etat by stealth', the TPP.

Absolutely.  A horseshit scam through and through.  Piss poor drama.  Political theatre.


It's good and important information mark_alfred, let us hope that an anti-TPP mobilization can meet this critical national challenge in a vigourous and timely manner


Yes, I guess you're right.  It means that ideas of appealing to an open-minded neutral government are wrong headed and a waste of time, since it's clear that they've made up their minds, and the hearings in the legislature will be just a charade.  Which is good to know.  Rather, as you say, an anti-TPP mobilization that's vigorous and timely is what's needed.


and speaking further on this theme of a TPP 'fixed game"...

I'll post this for readers that may be curious about the Liberal minister selected to carry the TPP process forward and in particular, a very influential 'friend' and 'teacher'. Consider the possibilities inherent in this, the ramifications and strategic implications. You may wish to make sure you are sitting down first...

Taking Summers' Advice Defies Logic

"...Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland described 'Larry' as her 'dear friend', 'teacher', 'probably the smartest person I know.' She praised Summers as 'one of the key people steering the world economy through some very long, very turbulent times over two decades. Summers, an economic adviser to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama..."

I think you've probably got the jist of it. Summers recently declared himself for Hillary Clinton. Perhaps its only me, but given the very serious nature of the TPP especially with reference to the US, is it wise to trust perhaps the most important and far-reaching trade treaty in Canadian history, described as a 'corporate coup d'etat'  to the hands of someone so obviously and demonstrably under the  influence of such a powerful Wall St, White House insider as our minister of TPP appears to be?

Or maybe that's how it's intended to be...?


mark_alfred wrote:

Letter from Freeland about it:

Sign but not endorse?  Pull the other one.

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Does Chrystia Freeland actualy know what's going on?

Murray Dobbin suggest no,

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Canada’s first Chinese FIPA case in the making?


The other day I saw a short piece in the Globe and Mail about how a small Chinese mining corporation had filed a lawsuit against the B.C. government to kybosh a land transfer to the Kaska Dena Council. It’s picked up zero media interest since, but this dispute between a Chinese corporation on one side and the province and First Nations on the other could be the thin edge of a very big and complicated wedge.

China Minerals Mining Corp., a junior mining corporation with offices in Vancouver and Bejiing, is contesting the government’s transfer of Crown land near the Yukon border in northern B.C. to the Kaska Dena First Nations. The mining company, holding mineral tenures to 5.6 hectares out of the 58,900 hectares transferred, claims that the “Kaska Dena plan to develop a “run-of-river” hydroelectric project on the site that is incompatible with developing existing mine sites into active gold mines.”


In case people missed it

Kathleen Wynne & Andrea Horwath Debate Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP

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The predators behind the TPP

Misnomers that hide what the strong and rich control — and aspire to control — help promote our world’s numerous political ills. “Spreading democracy” in the Middle East and Africa has been used to excuse much slaughter, ruin and higher risks of wider war for purposes not remotely connected with democracy.

The designation “trade” used by politicians and the media when talking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) pact and the proposed Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TPIP) agreement is another perfect example of a misnomer thanks to which a new shadow will be cast over the generally more fortunate parts of the world.


The TPP and TPIP accords are about power, not trade. More specifically, the agreements are about changed power relations between a collectivity of politically well-connected large corporations and the sovereign states in which these entities want to sink new roots. In particular, these treaties would allow U.S. corporations to engage in conduct unchecked by national rules of the participating countries. In eyes not fogged over through neoliberal dogma, such a thing would be recognized as predation.


I wrote Trudeau before Freeland had signed it, imploring them not to.  They finally responded:

mark_alfred wrote:

From : mark_alfred

Subject : Don't sign TPP

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

How often do you sign a contract or agreement that you are potentially not committing to? Never. A signature is commitment. I do not feel it is appropriate for the government to sign the TPP before there has been a full debate with feedback within the House of Commons. So, I do not feel it is appropriate for you or Minister Freeland or any other government official to sign the TPP before it has been properly debated.

Sincerely, mark_alfred

Trudeau's office:  J.P. Vachon wrote:

Dear Mr. mark_alfred: On behalf of the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence, in which you raised an issue that falls within the portfolio of the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of International Trade. Please be assured that your comments have been carefully reviewed. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your e-mail to Minister Freeland, who, I am certain, will wish to give your views every consideration. Thank you for taking the time to write.

J.P. Vachon Manager/Gestionnaire Executive Correspondence Services for the Prime Minister's Office Services de la correspondance de la haute direction pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

This tendancy of government to delay and pass off questions to others is what causes apathy and a feeling of disenfranchisement of people from government, I believe.

Anyway, if I do hear back from Freeland, I'll let you all know.


Wow they really showed their concern with that frefilled answer sheet.

You are likely to see nothing but going forward.

The Liberals have certainly learned well from Harper to not communicate or it will bite you, because lying is easier if there is no proff to the contrary.


Double post

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WTO swats down India’s massive solar initiative

The World Trade Organization delivered a blow to India’s ambitious solar power program on Wednesday at the behest of the United States. So much for all that nice chatter about international climate cooperation back in December.

Responding to a U.S. complaint, a WTO dispute panel ruled that several provisions of India’s National Solar Mission were “inconsistent” with international trade norms. The point of contention? India’s solar plan, which seeks to install 100 gigawatts of solar capacity by 2022, requires a certain percentage of cells and panels to be manufactured locally.

These types of provisions, called domestic content requirements, are prohibited under most international trade agreements. Want to be part of the WTO? You gotta be open to trade — every time — or you’re guilty of the dreaded protectionism.

An estimated 300 million Indians don’t have access to electricity. The country’s solar plan, launched in 2010, aims to change that — while simultaneously combating poverty via job creation. And while India has indeed made strides in adding solar capacity, the U.S. argues that the Solar Mission’s domestic content requirements have led to a 90 percent decrease in its solar exports to India since 2011. The export losses led the U.S. to file a WTO complaint, which has been staunchly opposed by several U.S. environmental groups. In August of last year, the WTO panel released a preliminary ruling against the Indian domestic content requirements, and Wednesday’s ruling finalized that decision....


It's Time For the Truth. Hillary Publicly Supported the TPP


Sanders Attacks Clinton Over Wall Street Ties & 'Disastrous Trade Agreements' (and vid)

"He also accused Clinton of supporting 'disastrous trade agreements' such as NAFTA and TPP..."

It should be pointed out again that the new economic 'guru' of Chrystia Freeland and apparently also of Trudeau, is Larry Sommers, a fierce Clintonite neoliberal and Wall St bankster.


Could This Be The Straw That Breaks The TPP's Back...?

"It is vital that people pause and ponder: TransCanada, in its legally justified yet totally outrageous reaction is reminding us of the reality of the investment rules our governments, under heavy pressure from global corporations, have inserted into thousands of trade and investment agreements.

It is crucial for academics, activists, politicians and citizens in the US and around the globe to speak out against this outrageous assault on democracy enshrined in the TPP..."


Stiglitz takes issue with the TPP's investment-protection provisions, which he says could interfere with the ability of governments to regulate business or to move toward a low-carbon economy.

It's the "worst part of agreement," he says, because it allows large multinationals to sue the Canadian government.

"It used to be the basic principle was polluter pay," Stiglitz said. "If you damaged the environment, then you have to pay. Now if you pass a regulation that restricts ability to pollute or does something about climate change, you could be sued and could pay billions of dollars."

There were similar provisions in North American Free Trade Agreement that led to the Canadian government being sued, but the TPP goes even further.

He said the provision could be used to prevent raising of minimum wages or to overturn rules that prevent usury or predatory lending practices. 


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Chrystia Freeland's 'Public' TPP Consultations Are Anything But


Here’s the recipe for a government consultation: first of all, the consultations are by invitation only. A select group of industry representatives or university professors are invited. No one else in the local community knows about it.

The night before, through snooping, we get a notice that either Chrystia Freeland or her sidekick, Parliamentary Secretary David Lametti, will be doing a press conference, generally at a university the next morning following their consultations. At the actual event, there will be a small boardroom full of people. Sometimes, there are more when they stack the room with university students.

There, a panel of experts talk about the TPP’s benefits. Then, there is a short question and answer period, where no one actually answers any questions. There is no record of the questions, and no report, as far as we can see. Only after the event does the government put up pictures of the “public consultation.”

Here are some of the highlights of the open consultations:


Trans Atlantic & Trans Pacific 'Partnerships' Complete Corporate World Takeover - by Paul Craig Roberts

"As I have emphasized since these 'partnerships' were first announced, their purpose is to give corporations immunity from the laws in the countries in which they do business. The 'partnerships set up 'tribunals' staffed by corporations that are outside the court systems of the sovereign governments. It is in these corporate tribunals that the lawsuits take place.

In other words, the corporations are judge, jury and prosecutor. They can't lose..."



Reject TPP

"Send your comment in today to make sure your voice is heard!"


Breaking: TPP Hearings In 6 Days!

"Chapters mobilize against the TPP!"


Keiser Report: Secrets of TTIP & TPP


Thousands Rally in Hanover Against TTIP, CETA

"Thousands say 'No'


NDP invites Canadians to share their views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Deadline for written submissions is A̶p̶r̶i̶l̶ ̶3̶0̶,̶ ̶2̶0̶1̶6̶  -->  now June 30, 2016.

Tracey Ramsey, NDP Critic for International Trade, is encouraging Canadians to share their views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by participating in a study of the proposed deal that’s being conducted by the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade.

As part of its study, the Committee is inviting Canadian individuals and organizations to provide written submissions that express their views on the TPP agreement. The Committee is also inviting Canadians to request to appear as a witness before the Committee, either as an individual or as a representative of an organization.

See link for more details.

ETA:  The deadline for this has been extended to June 30, 2016.

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TPP Consultation Turns Away Scores of Lower Mainlanders

Scores of Lower Mainland residents who wanted to tell the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade what they think of the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade and investment deal negotiated by the Harper Conservatives were denied that chance Monday.

More than 50 people rallied outside the Richmond Radisson Hotel where the hearings were scheduled to be held, eventually being frisked before entering the hearing hall on a red carpet laid by protesters that read "170,000 Say No to TPP" -- referring to the number of signatures on an anti-TPP petition.

Although the committee did choose to hear from some applicants Monday, as for 170 other members of the activist group Leadnow who had applied to address the committee, they learned last week, without explanation, that they would not be heard.

"They were all rejected," said the group's Vancouver organizer, Jolan Bailey. "They didn't even tell us when they did. We only found out when they published the list of who was speaking -- we noticed that none of our people were on there."


..a coalition has launched a new web site

Let's Talk TPP


So let the record show the 'extensive consultations' promised Canadians in advance of any agreement have been proven a sham.

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The Liberals are just going to do a dog and pony show until after the U.S. presidential election.

The fate of this deal is going to be decided elsewhere.


TTIP Risks To Health & Environment, 'US Pressure on EU' Revealed in Secret Docs Leaked by Greenpeace (and vid)

"The 248 pages of classified negotiation papers on TTIP were released by Greenpeace Netherlands on Monday. The suspicions of millions of people were right."


Obama on TPP: 'Other Countries Should Play By Rules Set By US & Partners, Not the Other Way Around'

"President Barack Obama says the world should play by America's rules. Words he used to explain how the TPP would keep the US as the world's trade leader."

Sentiments shared by the Canadian lackey regime.

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Protest never changes anything? Look at how TTIP has been derailed

For those of us who want societies run in the interests of the majority rather than unaccountable corporate interests, this era can be best defined as an uphill struggle. So when victories occur, they should be loudly trumpeted to encourage us in a wider fight against a powerful elite of big businesses, media organisations, politicians, bureaucrats and corporate-funded thinktanks.

Today is one such moment. The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) – that notorious proposed trade agreement that hands even more sweeping powers to corporate titans – lies wounded, perhaps fatally. It isn’t dead yet, but TTIP is a tangled wreckage that will be difficult to reassemble....

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An invitation to protest the TPP this week!

The House of Commons standing committee on international trade will be in Montreal, Quebec City, Windsor and Toronto this week to hear testimony on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


The hearings will take place this week in Montreal (May 10), Quebec City (May 11), Windsor (May 12) and Toronto (May 13).

In Montreal, the Council of Canadians, Citizens in Action, and the Raging Grannies will be outside the Queen Elizabeth Hotel (900 René-Lévesque West) this Tuesday at 8:30 am with placards, banners and images of what they hold dear that would be threatened by the TPP.

In Windsor, the Council of Canadians Windsor-Essex chapter will be outside the Best Western PLUS Waterfront Hotel (277 Riverside Drive West) this Thursday at 8:45 am. They will be setting up a speakers corner for anyone wishing to send a video message to the House of Commons committee.

And in Toronto, the Council of Canadians, OpenMedia, LeadNow, the Trade Justice Network, Common Frontiers, and others are organizing an action outside the Ritz-Carlton Toronto (181 Wellington Street West) on 9:00 a.m. this Friday.


TTIP: Montana Parmagiano?

"A leaked email shows growing disagreements between the EU and US."

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Why food sovereignty should be part of the debate on the TPP

A recent report on genetically engineered crops by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine received a great deal of media attention for its conclusion that such crops are safe for consumption. Proponents have seen this report as a victory over the anti-GE movement, but the scientific evidence affirming the safety of GE crops has been established for some time.

The fixation on health implications in popular debate has distracted from the real issues: the way that technology and agricultural practices contribute to the commodification of seed production and the corporatization of Canada’s food system. Successive governments have deepened these issues, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t appear to be an exception, given his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a regional trade deal that will compromise a wide array of factors that support food sovereignty.


Seed sovereignty

Seed sovereignty means democratic control and common ownership of seed varieties, which have increasingly become threatened worldwide due to the use of GE technology, among other factors.

The overwhelming fixation on GE technology, however, as the core problem in our food systems directs attention away from the diverse factors resulting in the loss of seed sovereignty. The commodification of the seed commons and the resulting loss of seed diversity has come even from policies that have nothing to do with GE crops.

The Agricultural Growth Act, which included significant concessions to multinational agribusiness, became law last winter under the Harper government and Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. It amended the federal Plant Breeders’ Rights Act, bringing it in alignment with the most recent international convention on plant breeders’ rights (UPOV 1991).

Multinational seed companies can now claim plant breeder rights over non-patented plant cultivars in Canada and then charge end-point royalties from farmers who save the seeds, suing those who fail to pay. Furthermore, the act permits companies to withdraw plant breeder rights over a cultivar before the end of the claim’s 20-year term instead of releasing it into the public domain, then claim rights to a slightly modified version of the cultivar.

The TPP threat

The Agricultural Growth Act was ultimately a condition for Canada’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a regional trade deal that will compromise a wide array of factors that support food sovereignty.

However, the deregulation of seed production in Canada has been taking place since the 1970s, when the technology was introduced amid the rise of neoliberal governments seeking to integrate and marketize food systems globally. The globalization and corporatization of Canada’s food system has resulted in the deference of regulation to agribusiness, with less and less public consultation.

Under the Harper government, lack of transparency in the approval of agricultural technology and hostility to opponents resulted in a chill among farmer and food sovereignty organizations....


Just to add to epaulo13's post above, there's a petition for the House of Commons calling for rejection of the TPP due to concerns over food safety.  Print it up, have your friends, fellow activists, and your riding association members sign it.

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Peasant strike rocks Colombia

Campesinos launched a strike across Colombia May 31, with some 100,000 blocking highways and effectively shutting down at least half of the country's 32 departments. One is reported dead from clashes at a roadblock outside the main Pacific port of Buenaventura, and four soliders were briefly detained by protesters on the Quibdó-Medellín highway. The "indefinite" strike, or National Agrarian Minga, was called to protest the economic policies of President Juan Manuel Santos, and especially to press him on promises made in 2013 to end a similar national strike that left dozens dead. "They have not complied with 30% of the accords," said Robert Daza of the Agrarian Summit. He charged Santos with drawing up a National Development Plan that corresponds to the needs of the Free Trade Agreement with Washington rather than Colombia's small producers. Daza said Santos is "putting the strategic resources of the nation up for sale [and] distributing the land in an unequal manner."..

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Chrystia Freeland confronts anger over TPP in her own riding

On Wednesday, June 16, Chrystia Freeland, the Liberal Minister of International Trade visited her own riding of University-Rosedale in downtown Toronto in order to “listen” to the public as part of her promised consultation tour on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The message Freeland heard at the meeting was a clear and resounding “No to the TPP”.

It was a close to capacity crowd with hundreds in attendance at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business. A large crowd gathered outside in festival themed rally complete with a 30 foot, red-eyed, inflatable horse, meant to represent the TPP as a Trojan horse....


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TPP doesn't have support for House vote this year

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis) on Thursday said an expansive Asia-Pacific trade deal won’t get a vote in Congress this year because there isn’t enough support.

Ryan said there is no point in bringing up the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal in the lame-duck session after the November elections because he doesn't see how the Obama administration can build enough support for the controversial agreement by year's end.

"As long as we don't have the votes, I see no point in bringing up an agreement only to defeat it," Ryan said in an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio.

“I have my own problems with TPP, it is not ready, the president has to renegotiate some critical components of it,” he said.

Ryan said the Obama administration negotiated a TPP agreement that "cost them dozens of votes in Congress," adding that right now the votes are not there. The Speaker said Obama needs to fix the agreement if the administration wants to have any chance of passing the trade deal. 

But he said he doubts that could happen this year....

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..from an email

Do you remember the TPP, the TransPacific Partnership? It’s the international trade agreement that the Harper Conservatives negotiated and the Trudeau government has signed Canada on to.

And this coming Monday when Parliament resumes, the Liberals plan to make passing the TPP into law a top priority – despite the troubling lack of Parliamentary debate and public consultation.

You and I can’t let that happen. But we have to act quickly.

So the Council of Canadians has build a new online tool you can use to send a message directly to your Member of Parliament and the Parliamentary trade committee members – calling for a full debate on the TPP. Will you send yours now?