Trudeau facing ethics and criminal questions over $900 million We contract

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We have an ethics commissioner investigating WE. Are the opposition parties saying that they don't trust the ethics commissioner? 

Creating the committee was a political campaign move to make it appear as though the Liberals were resisting investigation. 

Singh supporting the government on behalf of Canadians was a crock. Singh supported the government because the NDP isn't ready for another election and the Liberals look to gain seats, maybe a majority.

The NDP is playing politics too. They should have said they wanted to wait for the ethic commissioners findings or called for an election. 

Instead they are saying the government does not have the confidence of the NDP but they will support a corrupt party to save Canadians the trouble of voting in a pandemic, which the election commission has said they can handle no problem.

The NDP would have voted against Trudeau in a minute if they thought another election would deliver more seats to the NDP.

That is what makes voters cynical. We know full well that the primary goal of all the political parties is power. If the NDP thinks they have to go all the way to conservative to win that is what they would do. That space is fully occupied by the actual Conservatives and Liberals and some say the Greens. 


Politricks? Most definitely, what else? However I doubt very much most Canadians wanted this government to fall. Especially as some rather important relief measures would have fallen/frozen in the process. And likely NDP numbers too.  Had there been an election call it might have returned an even stronger Liberal government, perhaps a majority. So on bourgeois balance it probably worked out for the best.


Why isn't the NDP pushing for a better ethics commissioner if they don't think the current one is effective or doesn't have enough power? 

Off the top of my head the scandal is that Trudeau's mother and brother made thousands of dollars in speaker's fees for speeches done for WE. WE was granted the contract without open bidding. Politicians, the wealthy and corporations are wheeling and dealing? Pass the smelling salts. 

The scandal completely ignores the root issue which is who decided to administer the program through private contractors rather than through the civil servants already experienced in running summer job programs for youth? 

I guess it doesn't matter because the goal is make political points not do something to benefit Canadians. Voters know that it is all BS games the political parties play with each other. We don't get any say in what happens between elections.

In the last week, the last day even, voters get all the information they need to make a decision. There is no need to get bogged down with history to figure out that O'Toole is a tool, Trudeau is a tyoical rich boy, and the NDP is weak and can't win under Singh. All Trudeau has to do to win is wear pants and stand up. 

Just like in the throne speech Trudeau will offer Canadians a big fat nothing but more of the same. The Conservatives will wax indignation over the deficit along with loud accusations of corruption. Singh will say the social programs aren't good enouth. Canadians will choose mama bear not papa bear or baby bear. 

So you tell me. Why isn't the ethics commissioner facing questions concerning their failure?

I am remined of the saying "played a fiddel while Rome burned". Trudeau can be crooked to the core and still get elected. 



I agree. More political theatre of the absurd complete with fiddle-diddle music, in concert with the well practiced Canucklhead facility for the willing suspension of disbelief while pretending it's democracy. For as long as there's still a few slops in our troughs, even if there's no longer much in many.  Just pretend more. Pretend better. We can do it.


People still want answers about exactly what happened during the We scandal, not an election where the Liberals avoid answering any questions about what happened. 

Why is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continually threatening Canadians with a general election in the middle of a global pandemic?

I think it is safe to say the majority of Canadians do not want to participate in a general election during the COVID-19 crisis.

However, Canadians do want to know the details behind the WE Charity scandal and the prime minister’s involvement in it, especially when WE Charity pulled its operations from Canada after questions were raised. ...

Again, most Canadians don’t want an election, they want answers to questions around the WE Charity scandal.

Can we not get answers to those questions without being threatened with a pandemic election?


By making it all about Trudeau personally they reveal that this isn't about good government. The Conservatives want to maintain the power to do the same. Singh is just desperate to seem relevant and in so doing makes himself irrelevant. 

The NDP should be attacking the way government is run and proposing solutions. They should be talking about the way power has been pooling in the PMO's office. They should be talking about the side-lining of our representatives and even of ministers. 

I vaguely recall Harper making civil servants sign an oath of loyalty to the government rather than to the people of Canada. 

It seems the NDP tradition of focusing on the Liberals and leaving the Conservatives alone remains in place under Singh.