Trudeau Liberals need to be consistent with their lies

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Trudeau Liberals need to be consistent with their lies

From above:

"The opposition MPs on the panel seized on her comments, saying the explanation for the Russian expulsion has caused more questions than answers. 'Are they spies? What exactly is going on? There's just a lot of weird things that it's not clear who knew what when. I think there's just more questions than answers,' NDP public safety critic Matthew Dube said...I'm not privy to details, the government is...I just want to know what's up."

Yet even while admitting that he doesn't know what's going on, Dube and every other MP in that House of ill repute, went ahead and voted in favour of a motion condemning Russia for the use of a chemical weapon on UK territory. Which was followed by the expulsion of diplomats and their families. With no evidence offered to support the motion or accusation. Only Freeland's say-so, based on Boris Johnson's say-so. The story has now collapsed. A tissue of lies.

Jeremy Corbyn asked questions on it in the UK. Why not one no-vote or question here? Not one. All voted in favour.  Just like with Libya. And we see what happened there. The total destruction of a country and its future.

But they won't have a vote condemning the actions of Israel. The NDP won't even support BDS.  Why aren't people here insisting on it?

Are Canadians satisfied with this dangerous, low level of representation? Russia is a nuclear power.  These people can take us into wars with their ignorance, inattention and stupidity.  Shouldn't we expect a more critical and informed perspective than simply voting yes in such important matters like trained seals? Don't we deserve better? This is completely unaccceptable.

Chris Williamson MP (Labour) on Skripal Novichoks Nonsense (and vid)

Please email this above link to your own MP, so they will know they have egg on their faces. Perhaps the link below to the Freeland story as well. Perhaps next time they might actually use their heads and refrain from committing themselves and their constituents to something they know nothing of.


Was the Russian Embassy's Press Secretary Expelled From Canada For Telling The Embarrassing Truth? Sure Sounds That Way!

"...The prime minister tried to leave the impression Kalinan's comments about Freeland's late grandfather were merely allegations, encouraging some reporters to refer to them as 'a smear'. Unfortunately, they are facts. As I wrote on the topic a year ago, no one should be punished for the sin of their relatives. The problem for Canadians should be that Freeland and her staff tried to pass off her grandfather's history as 'Russian disinformation': In other words she was lying to us, at a minimum by omission and misdirection..."