Trudeau on refugees: Teflon wearing thinner than thin

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Trudeau on refugees: Teflon wearing thinner than thin
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He is an ardent devotee of government by Twitter and he used it to announce to the world his open immigration policy. Asylum seekers promptly headed north.

Uh, no. He did not announce an open immigration policy. What he announced was...

To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith.

Which was basically just a reiteration of Canada's existing refugee policy, ie. if you are fleeing persecution, terror or war, you will be welcome in Canada.

Now, yes, it was arguably an irresponsible tweet, given that, with Trump at the time just starting to raise the drawbridge in the US, it would be natural for people to read the tweet in that context, and think "This means anyone who isn't allowed into the US can get into Canada". But that's still pretty far from saying that Trudeau announced an "open immigration policy" on Twitter.

Trudeau prefers Canadians not know what is happening in Europe. It is a continent staggering under the social and economic costs of NATO warfare, past, present and future. Canada is of course a NATO member, party to and complicit in its wars.  As a result of America’s/NATO wars Europe has been forced to accommodate millions of refugees. Its economy is hurting because of ongoing sanctions against Russia. National economies are strained to the limit as they are under excruciating pressure from Trump’s war machine to up their defense spending(buying very expensive F35 JSFs) to 4% of GDP.  Europe is also being prepared as a staging area for an eventual NATO invasion of Russia.

I'm not sure why you're bringing the European situation into the Canadain context. Are you saying that the people coming over the Canada/US border are fleeing the NATO-led wars, and originally went to Europe, but found that they were unable to get help due to the budgets being strained by the defense-spending and the Russia sanctions, then decided to fly to the USA, and then when Trump cracked down decided to make the trip up to Canada?

That all seems a little Rube Goldberg-ish to me.