Trudeau's shabby"dire warning"

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Trudeau's shabby"dire warning"

Under the Harper government Canada lost a lot of stature in the global community. Now we are losing even more as this government blunders from one disaster to another. We do not have a cogent view of the world we live in; or our place in it.     

I cut this out of the link you provided. This comment is very false and misleading! Harper in fact was only onother PM, Cretein started painting Canada's name with shit over 20 years ago, followed by Martin, THEN Harper and now Justin. Justin is actually on his way to becoming the worst PM in my memory at least.


Lets not forget our 3 major political parties are all signed on to TPP and CETA. Trudeau is the current front man that's all.

Rev Pesky

Interesting that in the posted article, Trudeau goes from: 

He is a shill for every trade deal that comes along. 


Canada’s delegation arrived in China to make the incredibly impertinent demand that gender equality and labor standards are a pre-condition of any Canada-China free trade deal.

Seems to me he is either a 'shill for every deal that comes along', or he is a person who is demanding too much in the way of social policy in a deal.

​You can't really be doing both at the same time.


Ya actually that’s an attempt to interfere with the sovereignty of a nation. A nation no less that had opium shovelled down its throught by Britain on more than one occasion ushering in the infamous “century of shame” in China! But who knows, pro white colonialism attitude worked pretty good for Harper in getting Canadian votes, should work the same for any white male Canadian leader with a French/Anglo name. No?