Unite the Left, or Left over Liberal Casserole.

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Unite the Left, or Left over Liberal Casserole.

So I read through the hundred posts in the former thread.  A lot of good thinking.

What I hope happens is that someone from the NDP caucus, maybe Mulcair, put calls out today to people like Glen Pearson, and Gerrard Kennedy, and many others.   Just to say hello, just to thank them for thier years of service to the people of Canada.  And maybe for a get together sometime down the road.

I'd not make such a call to Joe Volpe.

I would call Bob Rae, and congratulate him on doing for the Liberals what he did for the ONDP.  Because I'm snotty like that.  And oh, because he deserves it.

The left can be "united", but I think the NDP is in the position to informally vet the best-- and least contaminated-- Liberals, meaning former M.P.'s, and even internal party leadership-- those that pass a smell test on corruption and honest conviction of what they want the country to be.

The rest could take up lunar sexual aviation for all I care.


Oh goodie. Even casserole with the soaps! Wink

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..libby could meet with Québec Solidaire. she could bring the pizza. they make an awesome slice in east van.


I'm not that interested in leftover Liberal casserole but I might like some Greens.

I hope Jack reaches out to Elizabeth May in the new parliament and we discuss ways to work together to hold Harper to account.


I expect May to run for the Liberal leadership. She cannot be under anyone else's control and has serious delusions of grandeur.