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Lord Palmerston

And Ignatieff is tripping over himself to be more pro-Israel than the Israelis too!


As I think I've said before, I don't think that Harper and Iggy are jumping through all these hoops just in order to win one or two seats out of 308 where there are enough Jewish voters that their votes could be "pivotal". I think its about both wanting to conform to what they regard as "elite opinion" on foreign policy...Harper and Ignatieff both seem to genuinely buy into neo-conservative foreign policy and for whatever reason, being pro-Israel is part of that package.

Let's get back to the upcoming byelections though.

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"I engage in objective analysis of the numbers, and if I was a strategist for Jack Layton I would not suggest wasting a lot of money on this riding.  If you would counsel him to do so, I don't think Jack would be that impressed with your strategic planning! Wink"


Let me, in a collegial way, offer some strategic thoughts. Firstm there is a lot to win and little to lose in spending money in this by-election,, A first  place finish would be worth big bucks. second place finish, major victory, third place, up from foruth  may not be too bad, Jack will keep me on staff.   What you dont;l want is to lose  and lose bad- too have yoru fote share drop to miniscule numbers, finish fifth or a very bad fourth,  written off in Quebe cby the pundits  and the public. Then, election finance rules, the relatively good financial postion of the NDP and  the ability to concentrate serious resources in a by-election means a decent campaing is doable for not that much-say a $50,000 budget,  good people from Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, across Canada,  city a few visits from Layton and Mulclai- should be able to ratchet up the vote a bit and who knows, maybe win.

Bottom line, we are in this game to win. GO JACK GO!!!


Well speaking of by-elections, Paul Crete finally officially resigned yesterday.  The House of Commons website shows yesterday (May 21, 2009) as being Crete's last day as a Member of Parliament.

This means the by-election for this riding is officially possible now, although as I have said in the past, until the parties reform the Elections Canada Act to require by-elections to be held earlier, the PM can abuse the process by keeping them vacant for months.

As Ed Broadbent once told me, by-elections should be held within one month of a vacancy.  I completely agree. Smile


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