URGENT: Mobile leadership vote site not working

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URGENT: Mobile leadership vote site not working

Online voting works from a desktop computer but is completely broken for smartphone users, giving error message "The election is closed" when accessed from a mobile device such as an iPhone.

If you know someone involved with the convention, please pass this message on immediately as there will be members who are not able to vote.

radiorahim radiorahim's picture

I was able to vote with my GNU/Linux netbook with no problem at all!   Tongue out


I guess there isn't an app for that after all...


Ended up finding a desktop but am really annoyed that they didn't, you know, test that.


I had trouble from my desktop too. I used my girlfriend's desktop and there was no problem. Damn internet :P


The whole thing was broken. My second round vote took an hour before I could finally get through. I don't think it was specifically a mobile problem, just a severely impaired server.

dacckon dacckon's picture

Is it getting better?


No matter what the result, we need a high turnout! Its so fucking depressing reading the tweets that state that people are giving up on voting.

autoworker autoworker's picture

Regardless of who prevails, in this voting fiasco, one can imagine the editorials: "Is this how they'll govern the country?"


Its okay we can vb blame the terrorists, hey it,works for the Republicans right?