Vaughan Candidate Seeks to improve public transportation

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Vaughan Candidate Seeks to improve public transportation

"We have to review things. We have to make sure that plans fit into the overall objective of what Vaughan is going to be," he said. "People want to come to Vaughan because they feel it's a safe well maintained community, that it is really the idealistic place to be, close to the city, clean. They want a place with the proper schools, shopping - that's what I want to maintain."

He lists safety, gridlock, street designs, council expenditures and striking a balance between development and the environment as issues that he will be focusing on for Election 2010.

"Vaughan is one of the most scenic areas in the entire province. Urban expansion is really a key issue," he said. "You have to keep (developers) in balance and in check."

Weinberg calls Vaughan the "car capital" of York Region, stating that the only practical way to alleviate gridlock, especially with the development of Vaughan's new "downtown" at Jane and Rutherford, is to improve public transportation.

"We have to be very careful and do our due diligence to make sure we have proper traffic flow," he said.