We need a Harper theme song. (This one).

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Brian White
We need a Harper theme song. (This one).

Lets make anthems of Harper. Movies to be played millions of times on youtube and elsewhere.

"American woman" should be played  when Harper is shown on walkabout,

It should be played when showing Harpers vision of the new Canada

panning across prisons in construction here, (also panning across prisons and prisoners in the USA).

to show the racial mix that is a fact of life in prisons. A few statistics about the murder rate here, there and elsewhere would be in order too.

Harper on walkabout should be interspersed with scenes of drug war deaths or panning over Mexican towns which are laid waste in the drug war just to let everyone see the future he WANTS us to have.

Nationalism is a very strong thing. Harper wants to be an american, but do you?

Let us never forget that Harper's vision of Canada's future ISN'T a Canadian one.

He uses crude propaganda against us all the time.

Lets use that powerful  song of Canadian Culture to put Harper in his rightful place.


Lets show it as it is for a change.



Sean in Ottawa

He is not a woman and that is distracting

I am sure we can do better.

Buddy Kat

Yep great idea..but showing prisons being built will be applauded by his supporters...and showing decapitated people is just what conservatives want to bring to Canada....hell they already had someone do it on a bus,..probably after reading one of the cons anti youth brochures they were putting out at the time.


This is the problem Canada is turning into a sick nation under Harper and he's as popular as ever....The real crux is getting the young to out vote the ones that do ..that's the real issue...


I mean really you can make a vid showing Harper and his supporters torturing innocent Afghans and it will garner even more support for the Con..


Well I 'm working on a tune called "Cut and Run" using his own words and voice.( I can't sing worth a shit)..

 As they have dropped so much DU in Afhghanistan I figure pictures of what really is happening to babies born in countries where DU has been dropped should be pasted ..gauranteed to turn even a tory tummy.



Brian White

Sean in Ottawa wrote:

He is not a woman and that is distracting

I am sure we can do better.

No, actually we cannot do better. If you are sure we can do better, then tell us all how.

The song is not about a woman. It is about rejecting the awful aspects of the culture down south.

(Thats why they used it in the movie american beauty)   I thought everybody on this continent knew that.

It is all about rejecting american culture and  keeping an independent Canadian Culture.

Harper is attacking Canadian culture in every way he can. People HAVE to wake up and stop him. 

He is not going to stop by himself.

Without a strong counterpoint, he will get much worse.


It is about the pornographic seductive aspect of rapacious/nihilistic American culture.


This is exactly the kind of thing we need here in Canada


The Common People





Dont vote Conservative.