Well that didn't take long.....Liberal infighting front page news, now with video!

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Well that didn't take long.....Liberal infighting front page news, now with video!

 Ahh yes, the Liberal party. Bludgeoning themselves to death again already. Front page on both the star and the globe....and CP video too!Tongue out









Quote--------Four key supporters of the past convention's fourth-place finisher
Gerard Kennedy – MPs Mark Holland, Navdeep Bains, Mario Silva and
defeated MP Omar Alghabra – moved to join Mr. Ignatieff's team over the


Good thing TO elected Kennedy to be progressive.Undecided


So not even a 2 weeks in and the knives are coming out. If the liberals think that Dion was progressive and they need to move to the right to defeat Harpy we are in for more interesting times. Let the blood  bath commence.



 Gerald sold himself to the riding as someone who would vie for the leadership and cabinet material - nope - he didn't. But that progressive bent, if your supporters easily move to the right, just like that, it says that the liberal party is about winning and not about any progressive underlying principle. 


Our kids live together and play together in their communities, let's have them learn together too!


When you say "moving to the right" you are buying into the myth that there is ANY ideological differences between the Liberal contenders in the first place. in reality there are almost none.

If anything maybe some of these ex-Kennedy backers have seen enough of Bob Rae in action to know that he is actually the most rightwing candidate and that compared to Rae - Ignatieff is the more progressive candidate.