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Western Business and Taxpayer Association

The Western Business and Taxpayer Association has been set up in reaction to Central Canada once again ignoring the views of the west. We voted overwhelmingly for the Conservative Party of Canada and for Stephen Harper to be become the Prime Minister. Despite the fact that Prime Minister Harper was democratically elected, Ontario and Quebec once again united against us, to take our voice away. Financially and politically Western Canadians would be better served in a separate nation. Our objective is to unite Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in a new free and democratic country or coalition of states.


McGregok - is Manitoba part of western Canada or did you exclude them because they have an NDP government.

If the Cons did so well in Alberta how do you explain the loss of one seat to the NDP.

Does your view of a soverign Western Canada include not allowing people the right to strike, women being paid less than men just to name a few.

Who do you mean by the word "we" - I am a 2nd generation BC'ers and you certainly don't represent my values and view.

Can you show me a link from the last federal election campaign where Harper proposed getting rid of the partial public funding of elections, where he stated that he was going to impose wage settlements on workers, where he was going to take away pay equity, where he as going to take away the right to strike.

You know the answer to those questions as well as I do - they weren't part of the election campaign but rather a cheap political stunt that has backfired.



 The Western Business and Taxpayer Association is non political and looking into the finicial viability of a westeren coalition , since none has ever been done. It should be interesting. We need to know the facts to give us options.


I think BC might be more at home in Cascadia than with the WBTA - when was this organization founded - is it incorporated amd would it head office be in Calgary - I am a western and a taxpayer so why haven't I  heard of it.

If you are non-political how come you voted overwhelming for Harper in the election - funny - there are many people from the 4 western provinces that didn't vote for Harper and who support the coalition.

The very fact that you are advocating the breakup of Canada in favor of some sort of Western governance makes you a political organization which you state here:

Financially and politically Western Canadians would be better served in a separate nation. "

Don't you think you might get a better reception at Free Dominion