What about a Ballot-Reform Co-Alition (BRCA)

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What about a Ballot-Reform Co-Alition (BRCA)

Essentially, it would welcome any party from the left, right, and centre, that supports the adoption of the STV ballot, and would have but four clear points in its mandate, none of which would conflict with any principle of either the right or the left, and they would be as follows, in chronological order:

1. To introduce an STV ballot,

2. To establish fixed election terms (so as to reassure electors that we won't have elections every few months), and

3. To call an election.

4. To dissolve the co-altion and have all members run again as independents or under their respective party banners.

Whether you're a member of the Communist Party, the Christian Heritage Party, or pretty well anything in between, if you support electoral reform, then this co-alition would be the co-alition for you. Considering, mind you, that it's generally the left and the right and not the centre that woudl support such reform, chances are that this co-alition might give the impression of simply representing frindge elements on both sides of the political spectrum while neglecting the centre. I'm willing to bet though that these 'frindge' elements would likely outvote the 'centre'. I could be wrong, but would be willing to give it a try as long as we can trust that this co-alition would stick to that mandate of reform and election right away and not try to abuse its position afterwards. This woudl thus require a certain amount of trust of course.

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You are the only person in the world who spells it co-alition. I wouldn't mention it, except that I know you are a well-educated and literate person. It seems out of character.


It can be spelt with a hyphen too, but I just checked and you're right, without if far more common.


In some older books, I've even seen 'to-morrow' instead of 'tomorrow'. I do read a range of books and so that might have affected my hyphenation negatively.