What are you going to ask Harper on YouTube?

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What are you going to ask Harper on YouTube?

So, I was just reading about Google's "Your interview with Prime Minister Harper" initiative and am curious to see what you folks think of it. It is Harper's way of going directly to "the people" without that messy intermediary of the media, which we all know he wishes didn't exist.  I mean, as we saw around the prorogration, he can't even count on the right-wing media to support him anymore.

The YouTube/Google initiative is deemed "democractic" i.e. the questions with the most votes will get answered by the PM. But, since we know that the Conservative's slippery tongued "press secretary" who initiated this will be sure to have the vote stacked, I dont think we need to worry about anything off the Conservative script being asked.

That said, it got me thinking. What would I ask the PM if I actually could? And what questions do we know he won't answer? There are some goods one up already on the YouTube channel re: legalizing marijuana and private prisons.

Have any of you checked it out?

alan smithee alan smithee's picture

I'd ask if he envies the United States so much but supposedly loves Canada,why doesn't he do the country a great service and pack up and move to the US.

I'd ask him about comments he made in the United States 10 years ago shooting down Canadian culture.

I'd ask him to explicitly explain why he prorogued government.

I'd ask him why Rahim Jaffer does not have a criminal record.

And finally,I'd ask him to f**k off.

Sean in Ottawa

I'd ask him if he would be willing to submit to a polygraph while answering anyone else's questions.

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Don't give me any free market bull$#!+...


WHERE'S MY JOB?????????

Skinny Dipper

I'm guessing the questions would be vetted.


Most of the questions seem pretty good.