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You keep saying that the working class is not ready, you asume that the working class in Canada is seperate from the rest of the world. That is your flaw. The Canadian economy is not seperated, it is intertwined.

I'm sorry, but you are just making this shit up.

Please show me where I said anything about the working class specifically. 

I asked how you expect any revolutionary overthrow to happen when there are many avenues of change, protest and influence - and by that I do not just mean voting - that are left unused. I would think that if people are so passionate and downtrodden and desparate some of them might try other tactics before they risk getting themselves and their families killed and their communities destroyed.

For me that means, among other things,  paying attention at election time. And I told you, I do not think revolutionary overthrow is a desirable option if we can effect change any other way. And worldwide overthrow? Good luck with that little project.

If you want to pull stuff out of the air regarding your interpretations of how our government works  that is your privilege, but if you are going to continue to make assumptions and judgments about me - this is not the first time - I'll ask you to at least base them on things I have actually said, not your imagination.


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