What demands should the Occupy Canada movement focus on?

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Clearly, the demands should focus on economic democracy, end austerity and neo-liberal economic policy in general for starters. Ultimately, a zero growth sustainable economic system that prioritizes human need and evironmental sustainable should be the goal. To get there we must strategically plan to win achievable goals that set the stage to win more. 

It is imperative that the movement focus its agenda and have clear demands. This means we need to create a democratic structure to make collective decisions that can be carried forward.



Catchfire wrote:

M. Spector wrote:
The most effective way to mobilize the greatest number of people for a protest is to pick a single issue that they can agree on, like "Make the rich pay for their own financial crisis, not the rest of us."

The more you try to turn it into a shopping list of grievances, the more you will restrict the range of people who will actively support it...

That's not to say that individuals and groups should be discouraged from bringing their own particular slogans and demands to the Occupy Canada protests - quite the contrary. But the focus and appeal of the Occupy Canada movement organizers...should be a single issue that has broad appeal among the working class.

I just want to emphaszie this post, which just about nails the question in the OP. Also, it's good for Spector's ego to know that some people agree with him.

This is somewhat on the right track (yes, no laundry list)  but a strategy has to be developed so this is not just a single issue movement. In other words, the initial demands should be linked to future demands, based on principles, like ecomomic equalty and complete democratic control of the economy. 

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Though there were many headless chickens, thankfully there were a number of clear heads.


How about bureaucracies? I wouldn't mind losing a few.

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