What does NDP Environmentalist MP Murray Rankin have to do now?

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What does NDP Environmentalist MP Murray Rankin have to do now?





After all, NDP MP Murray Rankin crushed any aspirations the May-lead Greens had of even obtaining a second seat in the recent federal election. The May-led Greens who focused their entire campaign on a very few chosen seats, also managed to reduce their percentage of the vote in Victoria even with their so-called high profile candidate. It certainly appears that the voters in Victoria saw through the absurd strategy that was being spouted by the right-wing May-led Greens, of running a huge amount of their resources against one of Canada's strongest environmentalists. The May-led Greens don't even support a sewage treatment system in Victoria because the precious rich might have to pay a few more measely dollars in taxes to help pay to keep our waters clean.


The actual May Green Party record:

Nov 27 '00 Greens receive 0.8% of the vote

Jun 28 '04 Greens receive 4.3% of the vote

Jan 06 Greens receive 4.5% of the vote

Aug '06 May becomes Green Party leader

Oct 14 '08 Greens receive 6.8% of the vote

May 2 '11 Greens receive 3.9% of the vote

Oct 19 '15 Greens receive 3.5% of the vote


The actaul Murray Rankin* record:

Nov 26 '12 (By-Election) 37.2%

Oct 19 '15  42.2%


*Murray Rankin, QC, MP is a Canadian federal politician, university professor, and an internationally recognized expert in environmental and public law. 





Hopefully Murray Rankin will be part of the large Canadian contingent of politicians going to the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris at the end of November. Happily, Trudeau has invited the opposition parties and all the provincial premiers to go with him in representing Canada at the conference. Hopefully May and Rankin and all the other politicians will be able work together for the greater good of the whole world.