What have the socalists ever done for us? Life of brian.

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Brian White
What have the socalists ever done for us? Life of brian.

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Brian White

Here are 3 pretty big ones.  Employment insurance, old age pension, and disability/accident insurance. They started in the 1880's in Germany as an attempt to take the wind out of the spd's sails.



Well there you go right there. If SPD never existed, then neither would those political appeasements.

Just ignore all political movements born of the French Revolution, and history becomes a snap for amateur historians everywhere. Let's hear it for Otto Bismarck seeing into the future, or did the left give him some help to see the writing on the wall for European imperialism? Germans might still be worshipping a kaiser, and Russians might still be marching into war without any winter boots in order to decide land squabbles between inbred royal cousins. Blue bloods and their warmongering court jesters should have been chased out of Europe centuries sooner. Just imagine what could have been achieved with public education and social democracy in the mean time.

George Victor

Bismarck's was the first state to gather detailed statistical information on its citizenry. All sorts of political firsts came from that example. Small wonder Steve wants to turn back the Canadian census clock and just be creative.