What new law does Canada need most in your opinion?

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What new law does Canada need most in your opinion?

My suggestion would make it mandatory for any sitting PM, Senator, and MP take a polygraph examination every 6 months asking them if they committed any felony crime or breach of trust or ethics. Those that fail the test can resign or be referred to our boys in red for follow-up.

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A law to significantly decrease their salaries and pensions. 4 years and then a pension? Fuck off. 

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Canada needs to replace the Indian Act with a new law which:

  • Acknowledges the theft of indigenous land by European colonizers, plus the physical and cultural genocide perpetuated against indigenous peoples by European colonizers and the Canadian state.
  • Affirms a committment to implement the U.N. convention on the rights of indigenous peoples
  • Allows individual indigenous nations to determine their owns membership
  • Allows individual indigenous nations to govern themselves as they see fit rather than imposing a uniform governance model on all indigenous nations.
  • Sets out a framework for the recognition of indigenous land rights, and for nation to nation relations between individusl indigenous nations and the Canadian state.
  • Does not discriminate against off-reserve indigenous people.