What's Harper up to now?

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What's Harper up to now?



Well for one thing Harper hasn't even phoned Mulcair yet to congratulate him which is in poor taste.

And secondly, is Harper selling out Canadian workers to Japan with another one of those "wonderful" trade deals? Wonderful for who? As usual it will of course be wonderful for the one per centers, and not very good for Canada's poor working stiffs.


Harper's keeping his hands clean. He has a group of hatchetmen getting together, trying to figure out how to attack Mulcair. "High tax, low jobs" will be in there. But should they mention he's a French citizen, or will that turn people off? Should they mention he's angry, or can they even prove it? Should they accuse him of coddling the separtists? Should they call him a socialist?

Decisions, decisions!

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Yep "He said he has to do what is right for the Canadian economy". Guess I better practice, "would you like fries with that?"