What's Ignatieff up to now?

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Ya, I snickered over that one too, was hoping someone would indicate it.


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Ignatieff does not deserve to be prime minister.  His [u]pandering to the Israeli lobby[/u] in Canada and his silence on recent Canadian failures in human rights underscore the need for the liberals to select a new leader, because Ignatieff is NOT a leader.

From a recent article from Britian's guardian.co.uk - [u]Canada's human right failure[/u] (hello Canada's msm - where are you?)

While most of the blame for Abdelrazik's prolonged detention has been levelled at Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the reaction from the Liberal opposition leader is perhaps more damaging.

In May, Michael Ignatieff, the former director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University and a member of parliament since 2006, was officially selected as the leader of the Liberal party. In his 2004 book, Lesser Evil, Ignatieff wrote: "A war against terror can also do permanent damage to private rights. Arbitrary search and seizure, detention without trial ... expulsion of lawful aliens: all these may be part of the price a democracy pays to stamp out a terrorist cell in its midst." On reading this, Abdelrazik might have felt it was a private letter to him.

Later in Lesser Evil, Ignatieff argues that because the goal of terrorism is to turn a democracy's strengths against it, "those who have charge of democratic institutions must do their jobs. ... If a system of constitutional checks and balances continues to function effectively ... there is no reason to fear that a war on terror will lead us to betray the values we are fighting for." Luckily for Abdelrazik, the judicial branch eventually did its job.

What, then, was Ignatieff's reaction to the Abdelrazik case? Almost total silence.

Wake up Canada!  You have serious problems.  It is time for the people, the electorate, to take control. You're still riding in the slipstream of the Bush administration. Hitching your wagon to the American dream (as Ignatieff advocates) is the highway to hell.


I was wondereing what the Liberals were going to do.

So the NDP are about to start their convention in Nova Scotia and where do we find the Ignatieff, What a surprise, Ignatieff is in Nova Scotia too. This is pathetic Liberal sleaze.

And people dont think the Liberals are worried that the NDP are hovering around 20% in the polls going into this convention. Right!  
Just a coincidence Ignatieff is in Nova Scotia. Right! Laughing

Someone should ask Ignatieff vwhat he is planning on doing about Canadas massive unemployment situation

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This article is HILARIOUS! Laughing (at least IMHO)

Yes, the peerless ruminator is back, by Scott Feschuk. Macleans.ca

I love the bit about the dislocated eyebrow ;-)

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Too funny actually.


Speaking of the establishment:


The Canadian establishment


Let's face it: While the Conservatives have been called the party of Bay Street, the Liberals have historically been the party of the Canadian establishment. They funded it generously over the years and had their generosity paid back in the form of generous policies and appointments. While Stephen Harper may have stopped Canada's slide into becoming a one-party state, the establishment is clearly not betting that the Conservatives are about to replace the Liberals as Canada's natural governing party.