Wheels Falling Off Green Party Wagon

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Bluegreenblogger, you often advocate that Greens should be targetting conservatives in your blogposts, and advocate very libertarian or conservative fiscal policies.  I might be getting some of that mixed up with perspectives written about in the Report on Greens blog though.


Have to admitt Matt that I also thought based on your blogposts that you fit under the rubric of "blue green". Even if true, I agree that doesn't make you right wing.

The GPC tent does have some denizens that are pretty right wing or [right] libertarian. But the bulk of "blue greens" overall alignment is pretty much the same as a large number of Dippers.

I think the existence of the truly right wing folks gives Dippers who want it cover for dismissing all of you as "Tories with composters". Not that there isn't some truth to that. But it has about as much real substance as stuff like this:

Bluegreenblogger wrote:

It is my belief that adherence to this policy by the NDP is a brazen gift to public sector unions who can reasonably expect an enormous growth in Public sector employment to serve this regime.


Hanging out in Green blogs I get to see a fair bit of these bullshit mythologies about NDP positioning. Mirror reflections of what I see here on Babble about the GPC.


Ken Burch

Starting a continuation thread here, since this is at 100 posts: