When the Green Party Wheels falls off, will they roll for a bit or will they just sort of plop over?

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When the Green Party Wheels falls off, will they roll for a bit or will they just sort of plop over?

Calling for the recognition of FN territory. pfffft! Pure capitalist toad swallop.


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I'm lonely. C'mon now! Let's tell Elizabeth May jokes: 

How many Elizabeth Mays does it take to change a light bulb? That depends. If it's a free market light bulb it's self-correcting.

Elizabeth, Jack, and Michael all go to a bar in Gatineau. The bartender says, "what'll you have?" and May answers, "a seat."

Stephen Harper has just finished a large serving of the hopes and dreams of Canadians when he looks over at Elizabeth May. He asks the waiter, "what's she having"? And the waiter answers, "greens". And Harper, puzzled, remarks, "I thought Dion finished those off?"

First guy: I think Elizabeth May is color blind. Second guy: Really? Why is that? First guy: Because she keeps trying to get a green with reds and blues.


David Young

How can you tell when Elizabeth May has been at a restaurant?

She's the one who orders the expensive champagne, and then leaves the bottle as the tip!


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How do you know when May has entered a room?


So she could be here somewhere?


George Victor

An associated article in The Canadian by Susan Riley, however, shows Liz in good form:

"What if the Harper government's approach to the environment - rolling back previous safeguards, endlessly delaying regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, failing even to make serious efforts at conservation - doesn't simply reflect indifference, neglect, or a single-minded attempt to shelter the lucrative and polluting tarsands?

"What if the real, unstated, goal is to withdraw the federal government from environmental regulation altogether and hand full responsibility to the provinces? Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who has followed federal environmental policy for decades and over the course of several governments, is convinced that is the prime minister's end game.

"While the Constitution treats the environment as a shared responsibility, Conservatives want to rewrite the rules "so the federal government doesn't have a role at all," she says. That fits with Harper's "libertarian" notion that government is largely an impediment to peoples' lives, outside of providing a few basic services.

"For evidence, she cites the recent budget, which announced that environmental reviews of major energy projects would now be undertaken by the National Energy Board and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission -both regarded as pro-industry - rather than the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, established in 1994.

"This bombshell, mostly overlooked in an otherwise uneventful budget, was followed by a low-key announcement that the environment minister will now have wide-ranging powers to limit environmental assessments of contentious projects to specific elements - a road into the site, for instance, or a nearby waterway.

"Environment Minister Jim Prentice insists his government remains committed to oversight and his goal is only to reduce needless delay and duplication.

"May says this is a canard - that federal and provincial governments often run joint, rather than competing, reviews; that each level of government has different, if related, green mandates; and, that, without federal participation, there will be less scrutiny overall.


This is, of course, all part of the grand scheme - its daily details engineered by Guy Giorno (Ontario's neo-con gift to Ottawa) - to reduce government oversight and intervention to an emasculated standstill.


The big joke could be on us.

George Victor

As the Globe's Lawrence Martin showed us back in March (18) Elizabeth May charged that Environment Canada scientists have been muzzled. "The report leaked this week from an Environment Canada employee to the CanWest News Service says that, because of the government information clampdown, media coverage of climate-change science has been reduced by no less that 80 per cent since 2007. The clampdown involved a comprehensive vetting system that essentially prevents scientists and researchers from speaking freely to the media.

"To hear Ms.May describe the situation, it was Kafkaesque. She says she knew people in regional meteorological branches of the department who couldn't even issue bad weather warnings without approval from central command in Ottawa...scientists have been stopped from attending internaional conferences, websites evaluating the risks of climate change have been shut down and the position of national science adviser has been dropped. The message, she says, is clear. 'If you speak out about theclimate crisis...you could lose your job'."

Sean in Ottawa

thanks George-- this is important

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Hardcore Dippers just don't want to admit that their environmental plan is sub-par AND free-market.  A cap and trading scheme is nothing if not a free-market approach to solving the climate-crisis.  Trouble is it doesn't work. 

All of the mainstream parties (including the Greens) environmental plans are free-market, capitalist approaches but the Green plan goes farthest because it actually sets a price on CO2 emissions which has proven to be an effective measure in countries like Sweden and Germany.  Practically every responsible Canadian environmentalist who wants to see something done is calling for the implementation of a carbon tax, including (SHOCK!!!) NDP stalwarts like David Suzuki and Naomi Klein.

If the hardline Dippers on this board need any further proof of free-market, capitalist types operating within their beloved party, they need look no further than their deputy leader, Thomas Mulcair, who wants to sell of Quebec's bulk water to the states for a profit.

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:rolleyes: can't even be bothered to indicate the complete falseness of your words....in respecct to most everything you have put forth

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I'm just wondering whether the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will prompt the Green Party of Canada to stop using British Petroleum's logo?

British Petroleum logo

Green Party of Canada logo


Well, they're not identical. 


Check your glasses, Scott.


greenwash marketing, Beyond Petroleum's logo was created well after the Green Party


http://www.ndp.ca/ <--- note today's background colour.  http://greenparty.ca/

I am torn between voting for the Green Party who will most likely lose in my riding, voting strategically for the NDP, or voting strategically against the NDP by voting Conservative just because dippers keep giving the Green Party such a hard time.  The Green Party does not currently look that appealing to me because many (most?) of the Green candidates seem to be former Progressive Conservatives.  Some dippers seem to think that the Green Party takes away votes from the NDP, but I would argue that the Green Party actually takes more votes away from the CRAP.  Years ago, I went door to door in Sidney/Saanich which I consider a very "conservative" riding, but a lot of people told me that they were going to vote for the Green Party.  Go figure.

Mayhap I am dreaming here, and I would like to see both the NDP and Green Party garner a large number seats. I would like to see the NDP in power and the Green Party in opposition.  I don't think that my dream is all that unrealistic, who knows what May happen in the future...


I would like to see the NDP in power and the Green Party in opposition.  I don't think that my dream is all that unrealistic,

How old are you? Cool


Polunatic2 wrote:

I would like to see the NDP in power and the Green Party in opposition. I don't think that my dream is all that unrealistic, who knows what May happen in the future...

How old are you? Cool

Old.  Old enough.  The two old corporatist parties are dead.  Unless the Liberal party parachutes in a new leader like Justin Trudeau, I think that the Liberal Party will continue to flounder.  And, the CRAP is about to hit the fan because I think that the eight thousand mile long screwdriver is going to break any day now.

Sean in Ottawa

Can we restrict the mock-the-greens-threads to one at a time? there are 4 open right now (although one could get closed the other three have few replies). It is not enough to have a new cute title to warrant this kind of proliferation.

I realize some really hate the Greens although I really don't get the logic of saying something is a non-entity and then spending half your time dealing with it.

What is the purpose anyway? To get Greens so angry they want nothing to do with the NDP so we make sure that none come to us or what?

I think we are going to need to have a be polite to a Green day around here once in a while just to see what that is like.


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What the reasoning is for the Green Party thread proliferation, by FM, is certainly flying over the heads of some.


FM is actually mocking the threads entitled; "Wheels Falling Off Green Party Wagon" and "So, Hey...does that Green Party Wagon have ANY wheels on it anymore? If so, will they stay on or fall off?"



He is not, in fact, bashing or mocking the Green Party at all.

Sean in Ottawa

ok good but there has to be a better way to make a point than more threads-- if everyone did this (and it has caught on at times) the board itself is fragmented and damaged.

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