When you start believing your own lies

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When you start believing your own lies

Conservative leader Stephen Harper refused Saturday to say whether he would accept a decision by the Governor General to hand power to the opposition parties after Monday's election if a majority isn't reached.

Story here (and I am pretty sure you have seen it elsewhere).


One of the low moments of the English language debates was watching Steve-O very calmly stand there and lie about our Constitutional traditions and history. I guess he has to be given a certain number of "persistence" points for continuing to do so.

Perhaps if anyone could get a question in edgewise at a press conference (yeah, right, like that is going to happen) perhaps the question should be "If you refuse to accept the decision, exactly how will you act."

Is he going to hold his breath till he turns purple? Is he going to demand that the Canadian Forces occupying the Parliament buildings to defend the Harper Government(tm) [given that he seems to think he is an American style president, he might think his role as PM somehow makes him "Commander-In-Chief"]? Is he going to fly over to London and complain "Liz, my hand picked appointee to the position of Governor General isn't doing what I want... will you please have him locked in the Tower till it is time to chop off his head"?

WTF is he actually going to do?

It is a sad thing when you start believing your own lies.


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Buddy Kat

We know exactly what he will do if confronted with losing power..He will pout like a baby then approach the governer general and just like he dug dirt up on jacks past he will have dirt on the governer general..probably selected with skeltons in the closet in mind tobegin with.....he will then prorogue ...everyone will whine and there you go...



What is really sad is the support he gets that doesn't change..the same 30ish percent of Canadians that are so suckered by his ditatorship type style and his lack of respect for democracy makes his supporters (mostly seniors) look either like simpletons or ignorant people...that's the sad part of all this ...and they have no problem taking the country down with them...none whatsoever...I hope the young come out and vote ..it's the only way he is going to be stopped. The only way!




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